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  1. The thing that would take this to the next level is for both of them to have Elon's blue check mark.

  2. if im correct before elon bought twitter they did have a checkmark

  3. Given that the Clone Wars are supposed to be the World War I of the Star Wars universe, I really like this statement. It shows the moral ambiguity of the situation.

  4. That would be more like the Star Wars Crusades

  5. the uk versions is decent, but there are also times where customers or chefs or waiters call gordon

  6. But… where would it go? A lotta airports wouldn’t have the runway long enough for landing and takeoff I assume

  7. They should have never have fired him. Innocent until proven guilty what the fuck happened to that

  8. You did right. Boy, did you do right.

  9. thanks kind stranger, you make me chuckle after a long time of not truly being happy

  10. Mittens would like to know your location

  11. yes like wtf its rated 1 yet i cant defeat it i have a easier time surviving the level 25 bot yet i cant win from mittens

  12. this debate isnt about canon or not, its that people dont understand the question.

  13. I remember a line in AoS about Hydra splitting into sub-groups at some point, where their values diverged. Whitehall didn't have much interest in Hive, and potentially didn't even believe in him, so focused on science and inhumans. Malick's family focused on the traditional Hydra values of weaponizing Hive. So even within the main MCU universe Red Skull might not have thought of Hive when summoning a monster.

  14. im rewatching all of AoS and you are correct hydra started as a way to bring hive back with ofcourse some other set goals but after awhile the started to split and red skull was only about the anti-peace and freedom part of hydra

  15. serious question- what’s the difference between Rhett Con and Connie-tinuity error ?

  16. a retcon is something the writer change while a continuity error is just an error

  17. you can never be too careful with all those hydra threats out there

  18. Heart broken by padme I’ll take that any day

  19. lego is getting to expensive for way no reason, i understand they need to earn money but regular sets that used to be like 10 dollars are now around 25 and the expensive ones are only truly expensive because its marvel or that and because they have these exclusive minifigures, and then you have those special sets which are expensive and i'll admit they are nice but by the end of the day they are overpriced

  20. I can't for the life of me figure out if it's satirical or not.

  21. agents of shield would like to introduce no problems to this

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