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  1. If you need it to be below $1 let me buy it when it’s right above $1 and I guarantee it’ll come down. Follow me for more investment strategy advice

  2. Any of the SSX trilogy, preferably tricky

  3. In college me and my friends were poor. We used to use a change jar in my apartment to buy forties and play NHL all night (with drinking rules) and pass the controller when we lost. We had main rule(to prevent waste), if you cracked open a forty and fell asleep before drinking below the bottom of the label you had to drink it warm the next day. It's a mistake you make exactly once.

  4. Oho it has started, maruder's arch is covered by the green fog

  5. Been away from the game for a bit, what's the fog do/mean? Is it just an inconvenience?

  6. I will pay full price for a 3 remaster.

  7. Grunt birthday skull triggers on any headshot, regardless if it’s lethal. Needless home center mass, which happens to be where the grunt’s heads are.

  8. Oh this makes a ton more sense

  9. This deserves way more upvotes. 100 in four hours is criminal.

  10. I believe Ryan McCaffrey said on the latest Unlocked that his review will be live on Monday 6th.

  11. if you hit Y when looking at the challenges you can look at all upcoming ones for the week

  12. Yup just noticed, but still! Having to do TWO OR THREE REGULAR CHALLENGES TO UNLOCK just one MORE EVENT CHALLENGE IS STILL poopypants...

  13. worst part is you only get 6ish in a pass that is 30 levels, you can miss one week (out of 6) if you complete all the challenges every other week

  14. It was a pre rendered right? Heard on digital foundry video about it

  15. They went up 3am EST. It was taken down sometime before 8am when I saw a tweet about it.

  16. It's actually before that, the prologue. It shows why he's found floating in space but thanks for searching.

  17. is it available digitally or only if you have a disk?

  18. I'm so glad I wasn't alone in this!

  19. Its no debate, halo 3 anni all day.

  20. what an amazing joke that 12 of us will understand.

  21. posting without the link should be illegal

  22. I do really like the detail but am I the only one with the unpopular opinion that I kind of prefer the first one? Reminds me of the halo 2 remaster armor. Maybe you start fresh and it weathers like the Batman games. Anyways, I don't really care both look amazing and I can't wait to play.

  23. when will Rockstar stop swimming in their pool of microtransaction money and give the ok for this to be backcompat on xbox?!

  24. ALL OF THE EA SPORTS GAMES! I loved SSX and NBA street series

  25. I just convinced my wife to play through halo 3 campaign with me the other day, it was her first fps as well. I’d recommend running through co op with a friend. They’ll be able to show you some basics while just having fun and laughing most of the time. Two sticks will be clunky at first but you’ll get it.

  26. Awesome! 3 of my pals and I are gonna run Reach today, and though I've really only heard the music, I can't wait for the game itself!

  27. We did by one. It was a great matchup, we played them 2x and they won the second by a similar margin.

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