1. There will be much better examples but I get a kick out of the 5 Seconds of Summer song "End Up Here" where the singer hooks up with a pretty girl because she liked his Cobain shirt.

  2. Check out the Hong Kong horror movie Dream Home from 2010. Strong stuff.

  3. The comics that take place between the first and second movie are pretty good. There were five or six paperbacks.

  4. Topside is powerful. Really puts a middle-class viewer's day-to-day problems in perspective.

  5. Starman with Jeff Bridges. He takes on the form of Karen Allen's late husband and she falls in love with him all over again. It's an amazing John Carpenter movie.

  6. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Nice Guys, two movies by Shane Black.

  7. Crossed is 16 or 17 paperbacks. Be warned the mayhem is really dialed up to 11 but if you don't mind that it's a hoot.

  8. Movies on 4K and blu ray. You have all these boutique firms like Criterion and Arrow putting out gorgeous boxed sets of a given director or genre but many are out of reach because of their prices.

  9. Check out a movie called Small Town Crime.

  10. "The Lovers," with Debra Winger and Tracy Letts, is a cheating spouse movie with a couple good twists.

  11. Not one of the direct adaptations but the series Transmetropolitan had some strong PKD vibes

  12. I enjoyed how the subreddit is referenced right in the video

  13. Holler is quite good. Promised Land is another one. Someone already mentioned Winter's Bone.

  14. Worst experience of the year? That's easy. Moonfall.

  15. In Charlie Bartlett, the hero becomes a sort of amateur shrink for his high school classmates and conducts therapy sessions in bathroom stalls.

  16. Matrix. I've rarely felt as big a letdown as when the second and third came out.

  17. The Coldest City was the basis for Atomic Blonde and was republished under that title.

  18. Shot Caller. An ordinary finance bro in the beginning. A cold blooded prison crime boss at the end. Superb moviemaking.

  19. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Just imagine watching that in 1982 in a world where Star Trek III didn't exist yet.

  20. I liked the Django and Zorro run from a few years ago. Where did you get that collection book?

  21. Dynamite have done some pretty good Zorro comics and their modernized Lone Ranger was pretty fun too.

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