1. Hm, don’t think this is what Flex ATX meant…

  2. Heh, I actually just replied to the top comment to mention that I make a similar thing called mayonnaise bread. Nice to see someone else here does that too 👍

  3. You can’t just say “made mustard bread” like that’s a regular thing that people do

  4. One of my food addictions is a snack I call “mayonnaise bread” which is similar to OP’s mustard bread and is pretty much what it sounds like: mayonnaise spread on two slices of bread and put together, with nothing else inside. (If I’m feeling fancy I’ll also put cotto salami or bologna inside, making it a more proper but just as unhealthy sandwich.)

  5. The only move you can make is forced, but it puts you in check so it is illegal. Therefore, you have no legal moves, making the game a stalemate

  6. Not forced, white can instead play :3798:pipi followed by Qe8# and win with hopefully only minor pain

  7. Changed their mind between update and upgrade partway through

  8. Reminds me of a time I asked a client “do you want A or B” and they answered “yes”.

  9. I guess at least they didn’t walk up to your desk holding both their headset and the phone base which they unplugged from the desk and will definitely reconnect to the wrong ports later

  10. If I really wanted pants like these (I don’t), I would roll around a muddy lawn while wearing these, and after taking them off, run over them with the lawnmower a few times.

  11. This has everything—brown color, cursive font, and mechanical clock and timer!

  12. Trouble with that is, they will just hit Off instead and do the same thing.

  13. Ah, this can take CAT 15A at up to 16 amps?

  14. There was totally enough room to write it normally this time

  15. Seems like someone did a dance on top of that box

  16. Man, those standard options (assuming that’s what the first pic is) are pretty damn good already. I’d be happy to have one of those.

  17. How is your printout so crisp and clear, not fading on one side with a couple lines going down the length?

  18. at one of the desks i support, you can only raise priority, you cant lower it.

  19. That’s a bummer. Is a supervisor at least able to lower it?

  20. Even better is that said person probably insisted on getting a laptop with a numpad, after bitching and complaining ad nauseum that none of the sub 15" models have a numpad because "she wants something smaller, lugging a 15" is just too goddamned hard", so you get her the fuckin numpad she needs so badly and she can't even fuckin use it.

  21. Category: users who complain about stuff too much, everything is too difficult for them, and then they don’t even try when they’re given the solution

  22. Hm, from the cable labels, looks like it’s a gym with fancy networked cardio machines?

  23. Oh ok, it still lets me scan it sealed so I’m probably non gonna open it

  24. Interesting. I haven’t bought any amiibo for a while—did they stop putting that foil circle in the package under them, or is it just this set that doesn’t have them?

  25. I’ll admit there are times I use a weak temporary password like abc123, but I only do that when I’m already on the phone with them and they are going to log in right there.

  26. Man, just say you want to suck and be fucked again and get it done with

  27. Aww, you tried, and that’s what’s important.

  28. I tried to edit the FEN to have all four en passant candidates, but only the first one worked. Which I guess makes sense unfortunately.

  29. In this case 7 times since you had to pass up 7 possible en passant moves in order to do none of them

  30. Kxe8## (## = super checkmate since the king got captured too)

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