1. Fake shitty Deadpool doesn’t count even if it’s the same actor. Unless people are somehow now nostalgic for this shit too.

  2. It’s like if ‘90s cartoon Wolverine was in a movie with the Ghostbusters, but it’s not the Real Ghostbusters—it’s those other guys with the gorilla.

  3. Strap a minigun and a rocket launcher on this bad boy and you have one mean military drone.

  4. They know. I believe DARPA has been footing the bill for Boston Dynamics’ research for this reason. Which begs the question for the researchers: Should you really be building terminators? I know the scientists are just doing this for the cool robot shit, but they know how it’s going to be used. You’re making killbots. We do not need killbots.

  5. I haven't devised a lore yet, so I don't have an answer to your question yet.

  6. You also need to figure out how the Koreans would ever agree to a(nother) union with Japan. There’s…bad feelings about the last time.

  7. He's no ordinary cat. He's the Chief Mouser to the British Government

  8. And the longest-tenured member of the government since the Queen died. Ten years.

  9. "Hey Stu! Your rents due mother fucker!"

  10. “And don’t be pulling that falling down the stairs shit on me, you hear!”

  11. I'm sure Chicago sports fans are going to appreciate Fields' honesty and come around to his point of view.

  12. Somebody get Kevin Costner to teach this kid how to do interviews. Write this down, Justin: "We gotta play it one day at a time."

  13. Was legitimately convinced they would call it a touchback, players need to stop doing that!

  14. “Nice celebration, Murphy. Don’t ever fuckin’ do it again.”

  15. You don’t need godlike powers over the universe to have sex with two women at the same time

  16. Dude couldn’t even beat the Texans, he is way worse now

  17. Can’t blow the lead if you never have the lead [taps forehead]

  18. Jinx isn’t actually in season 2 because it’s a sitcom-format with a laugh track and an all-yordle cast. Heimerdinger goes back to his hometown and gets a job as a teacher at his old high school. The characters from season 1 occasionally show up as special guest stars—the ones where the audience cheers when they walk in the door because “It’s Vi, everybody!” Not Jinx, though.

  19. You know who really ain’t the guy? Irsay. And that’s a much bigger problem than a questionable QB or coach.

  20. So lucky! That's funny going against the grain is so relaxing.

  21. This is a major reason why police are often so skeptical about interacting with people. There’s been a huge political push lately to paint cops as these soulless, trigger happy psychopaths, but the truth is that they have to hear about these incidents time and time and time again. Their training involves watching videos of their peers being blown away in ambushes with zero warning; they’ll pull someone over for speeding, get to the window, and lights out.

  22. Bullshit. You know why? Because we just watched a man calmly and without a word drive his parter, who was shot in the face, through a hail of gunfire to safety. I’m sure he was scared. But he had a job to do and did it without pulling out a gun and spraying bullets into random people. We can’t excuse cops who panic and hurt or kill people just because “they were under a lot of pressure.”

  23. Nebraska is going to lose tonight for this

  24. Yes, this was before he came back…in pog form.

  25. Isn't US Army policy to drone strike terrorist training camps?

  26. Just a second, I’ll get out my skin-tone card from Family Guy and explain

  27. Cait and Vi let Jayce join sometimes. But he has to bring Viktor or the deal’s off.

  28. You mean hot pink. That’s not just regular old pink. Not in ‘84.

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