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  1. Is this the runaway inflation I've been hearing about?

  2. Well, Trump was in office for four of those years, which means she did this in two.

  3. Yeah, the pictures may be 6 years apart, but the democrat consumption began two years ago.

  4. “Cool, you’ve done research on the car. I’ll just sell it to the next bloke who didn’t.”

  5. Really dig this! But if you add a bridge and final chorus, I think you could build that up just a little more to give it a VERY satisfying finish.

  6. Agree to disagree but I would take the guy who’s started 4 seasons in the nfl over a complete, mr irrelevant rookie. Baker can hand the ball off just as well, and when you get into those situations where you have to throw (because you will) id rather it be someone who’s put together a 26/8 season than someone who’s hardly ever taken a snap. Baker is much closer to 2017 foles where his highs are just high enough to maybe get it done imo. Whereas purdy vs the bills or chiefs… yikes

  7. Purdy already played well in the preseason and performed against a solid team in the Dolphins. Purdy has spent 6 months with Shanahan’s offense. Purdy has spent 6 months practicing against the best defense in the league. Purdy has a personality that fits this team and an established camaraderie with the rest of the players, which is more important with the 49ers than it is for most other teams.

  8. Yesterday when asked about potentially going for Baker Mayfield, Shanahan said this:

  9. Did Kittle just give Big Cock Brock the clap?!

  10. Yeah. I think the companies try to push the under age genre as far as they can get away with. I think they should have to do away with the incest stuff too.

  11. Weird as it may be, I have to wonder if these genres provide an outlet for people with those types of urges. Better they have something to rub one out to than act on those impulses with someone else.

  12. Ive thought about that reasoning too, but you could make the argument the other way around too. If someone with pedophilic tendencies consumes Porn that features models who look really young, it could normalize it for them, as in taking what’s acceptable for them a step further. It’s the same argument for fictional child pornography, sure no one gets hurt in the process of production but these scenarios get more and more normalized and some of the people who consume it, will need to take it a step further because of the process of normalization they have gone through.

  13. Yeah, I could totally see it that way too. But it’s all just speculation at this point. Don’t know if there have been any studies on this to say one way or the other.

  14. These quotes sound hilarious... what movie is this?

  15. They’re all from one scene in the movie Django Unchained. It’s a scene that comes out of nowhere and is absolutely hilarious!

  16. Great goin guys! Bob, you were standing on my neighbor Randy's property though, maybe next time let's tighten up the formation so he doesn't file another complaint with the HOA.

  17. I think... we all think... the bag was a nice idea. But... I'm not pointin' any fingers... they coulda been done better. So, how 'bout... no bags this time. But next time, we do the bags right and then we go full regalia.

  18. Hey man, I’m in a similar situation with a rock band. I am self-taught and don’t know much about theory or anything, but I write all the songs. The guys in the group are all incredibly talented and have more formal backgrounds. So they’ll be talking about fifths, sevenths, and diminished nines and I’ll have no clue what they’re talking about! But I’m learning from them as I go.

  19. So Kat switched college majors in her final year. Dad has an IT firm and Kat was studying computer science (and she was getting good grades), and she dropped out to anthropology because that's apparently what she 'originally wanted', and Mark was the one that encouraged her to do so. But that means she lost all those previous years of study and a promising career. He also spent a lot of money on a violin so she could pick it up again, etc. My parents thought he was manipulating her

  20. OMG dude, this is what you are calling a bad influence? Based on the ambiguity of his death, I was assuming an opioid overdose or something, and that maybe she had gotten involved too. But encouraging her to do what she wants rather than what your parents expect from her?

  21. Can we get some of that big dick Nick foles energy here?

  22. I think you mean that Big Cock Brock energy!!!

  23. That says a lot about Kyle and his trust in passing with Lance

  24. Or it could be that, with CMC, defenses are now spread too thin. So it’s much easier for Aiyuk and Jennings to get open.

  25. I personally get bored when I’m in any single role for too long (> 6 months). I like being able to come into a unique situation, help come up with and build a solution, then hand it off to others for BAU management. Then go into the next situation. I also like being able to work with and get to know new people regularly. I bring a unique technical skill set for strategy projects, so now I also get to lead the development of a standardized offering. And I’m able to oversee the implementation across clients while developing new people to deploy it. For me, consulting is far and away the most rewarding and fulfilling job I’ve ever had. It’s a lot of work and I have to be very strict with myself about setting boundaries to maintain a proper work-life balance, but incredibly satisfying. I think most people who burn out struggle with that last part. If you don’t set and enforce boundaries for yourself, you can’t expect others to respect them.

  26. Defense is still net shutout in 2nd half!!!

  27. This joke was posted 2 weeks ago (as sometimes happens), but I shouldn't be surprised it's come around again...

  28. I still don’t understand this nut job. What confused me more is how so many followed him in the first place. All I know is that it’s making me better understand how Hitler got such a strong following in the first place.

  29. Planning to travel abroad kasi to different locations for 1 month pero thanks for this information. 🤍

  30. Traveling domestically is generally not an issue. Traveling internationally is an entirely different animal. Not only for tax reasons, but you start getting into issues like work visas. Definitely talk with HR about it.

  31. Did you see him at his trial? I don’t think he’s pandering. He’s just at the same level of his audience, but more animated.

  32. I think it’s the scent of other animals that have been put down in that room. Their smell is so good that humans can’t really clear out the scent to a degree that dogs can’t detect it. So it’s like they know what that room is for and it gives them a sense of what’s about to happen.

  33. Dog that’s been dropped off at the pound by its family. No one else adopted him in two weeks, so dog is being taken to be put down.

  34. It depends on if you are in an internal meeting or client meeting.

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