1. was bugged of they upgraded i noticed the falcon helps you find chests too now and it was the first thingi tried last week

  2. so you are telling us"is a scam because i say it is " kind of thing

  3. much in the sense id like to have more slots !

  4. He's complaining about pulling a signature for a card he already has normal and gold. Considering the signature looks 10x worse and could have been an actually playable card, or at least one he didn't already have two of, I'd be upset too.

  5. but i remember blizzard giving free legendary if you pulled signature theron....

  6. "play a game".....................cash ? what ?

  7. i just 40 dust ....why complains o much about 40dust ?

  8. no entiendo lo de maldonado

  9. change ? kame and shield never were at the same time

  10. people who complain have said they shouldnt have to use a slot to counter it

  11. where is the win condition?

  12. same happened to me several games in a row the setting menu has no options for this

  13. I am not playing this game with this crazy loadout. I want to play a shooter and not a flying superhero laserbeaming everything game lol.

  14. im pretty sure there are plenty of shooters like that

  15. so.....people are supposed to allow you to kill them...............

  16. It’s bullshit that it doesn’t work that way in the first place. These kinds of cards already make your deck worse against non-secret classes, which is the point of specific tech cards, but even then one of the four secret classes just outright disables your tech with the very cards you are teching against.

  17. that was an asinine suggestion a secret able to counter spells or minions should always able to do it not just sometimes

  18. Pero no sabes si hizo mal. Capaz los informes de las minas eran buenos y los que laburaron mal fueron los psicólogos y asistentes sociales.

  19. creo que mas culpa tiene el personal de salud como es que no denunciaron a alguna autoridad cuando el pibe fue llevado con fracturas ....como 5 veces ?

  20. It's like no one reads patch notes for this game. Well looks like you found out the hard way.

  21. sorry i thought this was my falcon scout bug thread

  22. so is a known bug ? it used to work like did before a few hours ago after the update

  23. wonder what people thin when i use the falcon to find targets for my teamates anime blast

  24. DEKU smash is gone right? I haven't played br since I got my first win in one in this season

  25. kame and deku smash are ingame now

  26. sorry but fun is allowed in normal modes

  27. OP is lying i ve seen games with many pop ups

  28. ive seen people claim this add spam several times but so far nobody posted a video

  29. another" decks i lose to arent suppossed to exist " the thread(thats why he doesnt care about its low winrate)

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