1. I mostly work alone now but what i'm worried about is if i get a different job that i won't connect with anyone because i'm so awkward and quiet. I mean i'm not always awkward but it depends on who i'm around. I'm very quiet though and people think i'm weird because of it. I've tried to tell people i'm just quiet and want to work but it doesn't work. I just get more chit somehow for staying to myself.

  2. maybe you’ll end up working with someone who you gain energy from. i use to quit decent jobs because of annoying ppl, now i work for myself

  3. Yes, the police are just letting it happen. People say they "cant stop them without a chase," but they wont pull them over when they're literally right in front of them.

  4. jeffco literally has portable surveillance towers, call them and ask them to help bham police out

  5. Mine keeps bouncing back forth between 730 and 800 with no rhyme or reason. No recent inquires and no real change to outstanding credit (card is paid off every month). I can't figure it out.

  6. its like the instant mpg meter in some shitty cars, no gas = best mpg. unsustainable

  7. hell yeah, glad he didn’t have drugging intentions doe 😵‍💫 then you’d both be fugggggd

  8. Technically he’s 6 years in, he was just POTUS for 4 of them.

  9. ceramic coating, 1-5 years of protection against uv & general weathering. its basically clear coat in a bottle. you could also just spray clear coat lol.

  10. yeah some ppl just don’t give a FUCK lmao

  11. fuck this beady eyed fuck - smoakland, probably

  12. There is no way he should have been playing tonight. The dolphins need to be investigated. I’m glad the crowd had some class.

  13. no the retard who doesn’t know how to make a proper take down should be investigated, tua is a top target

  14. I'm glad I took advantage of this promo yesterday after work. I'm ashamed to say despite me being an AMP investor for over a year, this was my first time actually using SPEDN. I have never had a faster checkout experience in my life, and I seriously mean that. I lifted my phone, the girl at the register said, "you're good," and I walked out. I felt like I was living in the year 3022.

  15. yeah new tubs are shipped w some water in it from testing. its heavy as fuck, 5 ppl might be able to shuffle it around. I would call the nearest hot tub store and ask them to move it for about $300. pick up, move, and place on pad. very worth it.

  16. my meter gets checked monthly, so I can vouch. but I hate them for trying to make me insure their garbage pipes that THEY put in.

  17. Eh? Correct me if I'm wrong, but they don't run pipes past the meter. The insurance they get paid to advertise to you covers your pipes, not theirs.

  18. I stay in for entire football games (3 hours). Smoke two cigars. And drink lots of beers.

  19. username checks out… but for real, what about your feet pruning lol

  20. yeah i said fuck it and ordered their basic ass shirt. makes me wanna design tie dye line up tees w/ posters and hustle

  21. So she’s running for president, but not as a Republican, just to fuck things up.

  22. like the forward party is doing from trump by taking dem votes away

  23. Beatbox will fuck you up too. I've personally experienced this.

  24. Its three servings of “orange” wine or something like that

  25. Any way to change that? Or is the unit a goner? Also is it safe to use without fan?

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