1. This is best chance to prove DAP is islamophobic, once and for all.

  2. Hadi is famous for not walking the talk. Remember he had to pay out RM1.4 million to Sarawak Report to settle a defamation suit that he started in the first place.

  3. Simple solution. Implement UEC in all schools so that all students have equal advantages.

  4. Not a good start of the day. Plan was to wash the car, go home and clean the house. Accidentally hit my car, so now I have to find kedai ketuk that won't ketuk me 😭

  5. Can try Yap Motor Workshop near Kelana Jaya, PJ. They did good work on various dents I accumulated over the years.

  6. I'm thankful for Kelantan and Terengganu for being the model of what Malaysia would look like under PAS governance. And Penang for DAP.

  7. In this case, said "critic"

  8. Must be weird to be the Agong and seeing huge portraits of yourself everywhere you go.

  9. Those shots look like the beginning of a movie that does not have a happy ending.

  10. Torchwood Miracle Day. There will be incinerators and freezers every few blocks.

  11. It's already there. Season 2 of the Umbrella Academy.

  12. Bro's straight-up begging for another libel charge.

  13. Maybe they intentionally kept him out of the loop. I.e.

  14. Cook stuff by dipping them into boiling peanut sauce or soup. It's usually raw meat on satay sticks, or stuffed tofu, okra, cili, or eggplant, or even vegetables.

  15. any good places you know for a halal satay celup? Most places I saw serve pork satay celup but I really want to try it

  16. There should be plenty of halal satay celup places in Melaka. I haven't been there in years so I don't really know which ones are good.

  17. Still my favourite poster

  18. Vasco slowly becoming Saitama, with the consecutive normal punches.

  19. I did the PM9 one specifically because Ismail Sabri came out of nowhere and I wanted to know what he stood for.

  20. Who needs them? Just post it as a YouTube channel.

  21. ei5 please I thought zahid was hated or whatever why is he suddenly being celebrated now

  22. Choice 1: a Pakatan-led government with Zahid and BN as a minority partner.

  23. Cannot let Loke become transport minister, later Wee merajuk and bring MCA out of BN.

  24. Cannot let LGE be Finance Minister as well. Sarawak never forgets.

  25. what way did u made your own money without working 9-5?

  26. Went to BN,PAS, PN socmed. Saw alot of provoking comments coming from PH supporters.

  27. 13 May started when Gerakan supporters went too far in their victory celebrations. We don't need a repeat of that incident esp. when PN supporters are fanning the flames.

  28. Eh doesn’t matter it’s all bull. Kinda reminds me of Trump and how he couldn’t let go of the presidency!

  29. And recently Bolsonaro as well.

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