What Donald Trump looks like without his spray tan and fake hair.

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  1. Gonna start forging these and selling them to ride share drivers at a premium!

  2. I like that they’re just hovering, disconnected from that space that is also debatably them? Or they’re debatably a byproduct of? While the bone pyramid looks like it’s just there to tickle it’s ass.

  3. Ass tickler! I like it. Maybe I'll bring back the ass tickler in another piece...

  4. This kids a level of tough I can’t even wrap my head around. He not only got himself composed enough to get into the house and dial the phone with a pencil in his mouth. He then went and laid in the bathtub while he waited for them because he didn’t want to get his moms house any messier than it already was. I mean dude😳

  5. It’s easy to romanticize a heroic act of violent justice in these situations: like shooting through the door/going Rambo and sneaking around to the front and picking them off type thing.

  6. Online political misinformation troll is somehow a job with an income.

  7. This person may have transitioned, but policing yourself with strict, arbitrary and imagined body language rules is more symptomatic of self-loathing than gender conformity/ non-conformity. It’s also entirely emblematic of their own restrictive expectations on gender roles, not society’s.

  8. “We don’t like being part of a colony!”

  9. We really have not collectively progressed as a species at all.

  10. It’s a flute, not the cock of Christ. These soft ass right wingers and their feelings; not the first time they got uptight about someone blowing pipe.

  11. Why does he think the spray tan looks good. Like really…. I want to understand.

  12. He read the cover of “The 48 Rules of Power” by Robert Greene and all he remembered from it was the color.

  13. Maybe the thing we need to abolish is our circus and peanuts so people won’t be able to numb themselves from the pain of this reality.

  14. When you try to get people active, they assume you're crazy because "how could things be THAT bad?".

  15. And they’ll say that as they pass the hungry and homeless on the litter ridden streets, picking their kids up from schools with underpaid teachers that cut funding for the arts. They’ll say that as budgets benefit military and corporate bailouts and inflation chokes a nation with an unmoving bottom line as their minimum wage, as if being a capitalist is the answer to all, but in actuality if we all were businesses, we’d destroy each other.

  16. This is what’s on the front page of WTF now huh? I remember when I used to come to this sub to shock myself with horrible imagery, now it’s done the Hot Topic treatment where it’s full of post-irony and goofy stuff.

  17. Was really hoping this video was going to end with those clowns getting ran over.

  18. Kind of an untapped market for plastic surgeons it seems like.

  19. Oh shit, I just saw this episode of Atlanta.

  20. Long winded, plot holes, closely cropped and visually confusing action scenes.

  21. This…. This is a really good review. Where can I find more reviews like this?

  22. Thank you so much. I’m sort of beside myself with the amount of encouragement you guys have thrown my way. I’ll be sure to keep chiming in, maybe I’ll work on a LetterBoxd or something.

  23. There’s a part that sounds a lot like the “Zelda game opening of a treasure chest”.

  24. Hahah, he says “getting the fuck out”? I love this guy

  25. Oh yeah, this is the school shooter episode of How It’s Made

  26. Every movement she makes is super concise despite being so quick. Impressive how fast her brain and body work, pretty kickass display of human potential, I’m gonna take a shit and watch cartoons.

  27. Copaganda. Cops solving problems with violence? Nothing next level about it.

  28. I’m so tough I eat a fiber heavy diet…with no stool softener.

  29. You make $33/hour Why are you shaming people actually making minimum wage for not paying you a fucking bonus

  30. Jesus you have no idea how serving works. None. I asked people to tip all servers. What is this, your second account? Or are you just Thing 2 in the dynamic duo of dipshits?

  31. Then stfu about tips if you made more than that poor grandma who makes minimum at Walmart and no tips, you dipshit.

  32. This post is about restaurant servers and not Walmart grandmas. Man, how do you get through even a day being so stupid? You must hate yourself, and if you don’t, hey, time to try something new.

  33. AFAIK, most vodka in Russia is made out of wheat. And wheat vodka sounds more natural and comfortable than potato vodka (source: am Russian).

  34. Interesting. Thank you authentic Russian. So is “vodka” just about process?

  35. Actually, yes. I think, historically, it was made out of rye, or something like that. Basically, actual vodka can be distilled with any source material that can give you alcohol. It's just a REALLY strong alcohol (up to 95%) mixed with water to bring it down to 40%, or 50%/60% in some cases.

  36. Dude! Thank you for this thorough insight! I’m just learning some bartending stuff so these little snippets of info are gold!

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