1. I have some bottom of the random junk drawer special finishing up right now, day 45 of flower. Should be a nice christmas harvest, really REALLY wish i knew what it was because i like the bud structure and terps, but ive cloned it so at least i can have another go lmao

  2. Bag seeds suck when you can't pinpoint exactly what it is but when you know it's good, cloning is a smart idea. I clipped 2 off this one when I flipped it but I don't think their going to make it😮‍💨

  3. This SLURLATO that I’ve been putting in bondage so it stops flopping over because I’m a fool and didn’t use a net. Day 65 flower, so frosty but WHERE ARE YOU, AMBER? Trying to smoke it on NYE.

  4. Gotta love them floppers😂. I had to string up a few branches on this one in the last few weeks. I'm sure you'll be gettin lit on yours by new years😉👍

  5. Hell yeah 👍😎, Gelato. I just put 40g's in a jar yesterday 🫠. It wasn't the the 33 cut but it's on point for sure😉

  6. Amazing strain in general, I am currently trying to make a haybrid of Gelatto#33 and GG#4 ! Wish me luck 😂 it’s gonna be a long journey.

  7. All the luck in world to you for that cross 🤞🤞. Those 2 together would make a killer strain 👍

  8. Looks exactly like my White Widow freebie I got as one of my very first purchase of seeds

  9. Lol. I have never had white widow but this is for sure Gelato 🫠. As far as what cut it is, I have no idea🤷. I know there's like a 33, 40something, and a few other cuts, this was advertised as just gelato.

  10. I want to say, over fed in general🤷. Some of the other leaves look a little nitrogen rich along with this issue.

  11. Nice ! My first grow netted me around the same. Next grow was still learning and netted 50g ! First time was a bagseed and second time was an auto.

  12. Lol, this isn't my first grow but I'm happy with the low yield because the quality is on point. Next time I run this one, I'm going to veg a little longer and go with a 5gal pot instead of 3gal. Luckily I had 3 other plants to harvest because I know this won't last untill the next round is done, LMAO 🤣

  13. Oh lol what do you think affected the harvest size more, pot size or veg time ? How long was she vegged for ?

  14. Probably both things combined but I'd say the veg time more than the pot size. I only vegged for 6 weeks so I think at least 2 more weeks in veg would have helped some{damn 2 more weeks, lol 😂}.

  15. I do😁. There's nothing more satisfying then looking at some healthy plants vegging out, lol 😂

  16. Single plant, photoperiod. I think if I would have vegged a little longer it would have been a bigger plant but it's also a pure indica strain so I wasn't expecting it to get really big.

  17. What kind of bar is that across the back?

  18. I think I'll go an extra week before top dressing and see. Maybe longer if nothing changes. Also, 100% flower girl

  19. That sounds like a good plan👍. Giving that extra week could allow the plant to use up some of that nitrogen but at the same time it could cause a little bit of deficiencies with the other nutrients but those will be more depleted than the nitrogen so just keep an eye out for that

  20. No problem my friend 👍😁. Hope everything works out well

  21. No good reason… Didn’t quite have enough soil to fill the bag all the way so we’ll see how it goes. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  22. If you don't have enough, just use what you have 👍🤣🤣

  23. Why so short and in such a shallow pot? If that pot was full, the plant would probably be twice the size it is now? Not trying to be rude, just curious

  24. It was over watered but it should be fine after a few days of being transplanted into that big pot. Just don't water rite away or too much, just to give that new soil time to wick some of that extra moisture from the center👍😁

  25. These are sun grown so no light leaks or weird errors causing the foxtailing. Def genetics. Heavy sativa/haze strains tend to foxtail like this from what I understand. I’m not rushing to harvest im practically letting the plant rot before I harvest. I did zero training or defoliating almost all of the fan leaves on this particular plant faded and fell off.

  26. Damn, I bet it's gonna be a killer smoke 👍

  27. I'm working on my own foxtails, they are not as exquisite as yours though, lol😂. Yours looks more like it could be from genetics, mine look like they are probably light induced. Either way, it's more surface area for them trichomes to develop on😉😉🤣🤣

  28. I might have to get a friend in WV, lmao 😂, or go to DC, LMFAO 🤣

  29. DC has some nice flower. Then again, to be honest, there’s a ton of good, cheap flower in MD. Dc’s prices are still pricey.

  30. I really wouldn't know too much about the dispensaries anymore. I mainly see what's available through the post in this sub, lol

  31. Been using down to earth all natural nutes

  32. If you have the amendments in the soil, then the microbes probably adjusted it to that range. If your just using the amendments to make tea's with, then it might be something else. Either way, it still looks healthy but it's good your staying mindful of the pH because that is usually where most problems start

  33. How do you feed? Bottle nutrients or dry fertilizer's/amendments in the soil? It looks healthy so the low pH must not be effecting it to bad at the moment.

  34. Open. My filter and fan are inside the tent so I need some kind of airflow when they kick on to control heat and humidity.

  35. That's what's up. I wish I had a totally blacked out space for my tents, lol. 2 are in a sort of blacked out room but I have to keep the door open because of how my inline fans are setup, and my other one is in a 85% blacked out space but I can't open the vent because it's waaaay to cold in the area it's in, lmao 😂 . My ultimate goal is to have a entire grow room, no tent, just lights, air, and plants, LMFAO 🤣🤣

  36. One day🥲🤣🤣. Untill then, we just make do😂

  37. They are bracts {always improperly referred to as calyx's}. Looks your a good ways into flower so it's probably throwing them out now in a last ditch effort to catch some pollen and reproduce. Your good, unless you have a male plant anywhere around it

  38. That looks like something I'd enjoy playing with, lol 😂. Did you get these from amazon?

  39. The light could be too intense for that particular seedling. You could try moving it to a less light intense area🤷

  40. It's too early to really tell but that almost looks like a bract poppin out of there🧐🤔🤨

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