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  1. Standing dude on the left kinda looks like Pedro Pascal.

  2. Yung college sa university kung san ako nag-aral allowed it.

  3. Holy Angel University sa Angeles City. Not sure about it now if it’s still the case. Also, every Wednesday is a wash day so students wore their clothes na panlabas talaga.

  4. As conferred by the “Tangina ng Pampanga”?

  5. Nope. Because you can do it yourself.

  6. I’d like to see a breakdown of the receipts but Kenneth Cordele Griffin’s lyin ass won’t disclose it because they’re fake profits. 🥴

  7. He has that score because you added him as an authorized user on your card. It’s a common way to build up someone’s (usually family members) credit real quick, this is how my wife built up hers when she immigrated to America. We opened up a joint credit card and all I told her was to make sure her payments are on time. Nowadays her credit score is a bit higher than mine lol.

  8. Yung honey beef rice ng Jollibee nung late 90s to early 2000s, tsaka yung Choco Honey Bunch ice cream ng Selecta between 1996-1998.

  9. Call them to reschedule. They do not cancel and reschedule. As for repayment, ask them. You shouldn’t pay extra since you did not avail of their service.

  10. I mean nung nag join ako I had to literally renounce any ties to my past and other foreign governments once you raise your right hand. If may gawin man against sa policies nung UCMJ(Uniform Code of Military Justice) this would most likely be treason. If I remember correctly treason during war time has death as one of its punishment.

  11. Yep. Pero maiba ako, anong rate mo?

  12. His basis was that marami ang Pinoy sa US Navy and that they will not fight against Filipinos. The article has got to be a joke, given the way he wrote it. And if it is, it’s a poor attempt at humor dahil the writing is similar to the words you’d hear sa isang pseudo-intellectual na magaling lang sa inuman.

  13. Salamat OP! Dalawang dekada ko nang hinahanap itong kanta na to! Di ko kabisado lyrics at tono lang alam ko.

  14. 🥱shorts gotta try harder. It’s either the moon or bust.


  16. Done. I just hope it shows up soon.

  17. Did you perhaps mean DANAO City? Davao is in the island of Mindanao so yeah, probably why Grab won’t even go there if you’re coming from Cebu.

  18. I agree. Ever since he sent those dick pics to a follower awhile back I have lost all respect for that guy. Prides himself a Marine but he can’t even take the heat because his comment section is turned off. While his first uploads (before he shut down his initial YT channel after deleting all his videos) were good but his second incarnation smells of regurgitated DD and a lot of trust me bro’s.

  19. Since my shares are DRS’d, my price alerts set, and the DD is done, al I gotta do is wait for the alerts to be triggered. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. Why bother? Una, you’ll establish animosity between you and your neighbor or make it worse kung meron na. Pangalawa, sayang lang bente mo.

  21. The floor was $500k last year, and for a while back then it was $800k. Should be at least $3M now.

  22. 😂😂😂 And are apes supposed to get their jimmies rustled over media releases? Hedgies need to tryyyy a lil harder.

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