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  1. Our family has been restaurant investors for 40 years. High end French cuisine using offal or organ meats.

  2. French cuisine in general is overrated, except the pastries. Coq au vin, cassoulet super simple braised dishes. It’s just that we have a few generations that don’t know how to cook

  3. I think french cusine's just been pigeonholed too much with simple and rather unthreatening dishes. Yeah coq au Vin's kinda just lame but I would kill for a good quiche and pate is fantastic

  4. Quiche is only a custard pie pate is chopped liver/meat loaf. Still easy recipes

  5. They need to outlaw beauty pageants and strip clubs if they are banning drag shows

  6. Asinine and archaic. There are so many other things they need to focus on. Obviously no reruns of classic Bugs Bunny, Flip Wilson Show or screening Some Like It Hot in TN

  7. Think Charlie Brown adult speak- wa-wah-wa-wah

  8. Parents that kick kids out at 18 shouldn’t have had kids.

  9. Do you see any kangaroos or Tim Tams in the picture?

  10. We have Tim tams in Washington! This building is visible from the commuter rail train. I have often wondered about it. Would be a neat house

  11. Near the bottom left side of the triangle thingy, right? With the emo hair?

  12. Sanders/Warren vs Romney/Cheney

  13. Looks like copal resin to me, another natural incense

  14. I hope you mean jackrabbit and not jackalope 😆

  15. It looks like the comedy wall on Laugh In

  16. There’s Fluf but you need good peanut butter to go with, s/b Reese’s PB cups, Boyers make good marshmallow cups.add Minute Tapioca and lots of Jello and MyTFine pudding

  17. Use DaSilva linguica 4.99 lb one is ample for 4 servings

  18. I was just going to say this. My grandma used to make this for me, I do now during winter time. So good! My family was from Azores. Except instead of Chorizo the Portuguese always use Linguica, and Kale instead of Collards.

  19. I grew up on the same soup. Merchant mariner that rented a room with us for 40 plus years from Madeira taught my grandmother to make it, love it

  20. Looks like everything survived a fire, I believe they are guides for old style wiring

  21. Last thing you want to do is lose yours keys while on a boat, clip to vest or belt loop

  22. My kids used to have a book that, when opened, played nursery rhymes.

  23. Teddy Ruxpin same, creepy AF

  24. Berenstain is the trademark name, people mis named as berenstein

  25. About $39 in US A if the cherries are on sale

  26. Yeah worried about stopping Eliquis

  27. Local bank has two ATMs walk up and a drive up at the rear. People will stand in line at the walk ups, I will go over to the drive up where no one is using

  28. I think you may have pixies

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