1. Godamn bruh, collecting Pokémon cards here

  2. I have US and it’s the same as the UK one you’re showing

  3. so my question is if I walk through “campus” wouldn’t that just technically be part of Philly which would allow me idk I am new to concealed carry and such will b going to a class next week

  4. U can’t have any sort of weapon in or on campus

  5. We’ll train or bus they both leave from penn station so at that point take the bus, only like 40 minutes longer but way cheaper

  6. steppingstone scholars (look up on handshake). They're usually looking for tutors of all kinds and just overall mentor or admin type positions

  7. I worked for them remotely as an intern, great place

  8. Mis doesn’t have CS in it. Just some classes with straightforward coding. You’ll be fine

  9. did you get your start date after receiving the countdown login?

  10. Hey, I know this is an old post but when did you recieve you start date? I am in the exact same situation lol

  11. Cause just like going in person for work, everyone realized how much useless bullshit you deal with once you go remote. Tbh I took my first in person in 2 years my last semester cause why not, and I instantly regretted it. Either I could be home and not pay attention and do other things or be forced to listen to a professor speak and still not do anything but be stuck there.

  12. Did you like Lanter? I’m having a slight scheduling conflict with a class I am TAing for next semester (if I want to TA, I have to take Lanter)

  13. The class in hindsight isn’t hard. He grades easy on the big papers and tests are open note but u don’t learn anything from class so it can seem overwhelming. Either way I did fine in the class without learning a single thing lol

  14. If you want to give up your life, and your a dedicated student you will excel. No doubt. Plus coding is the future imo. The skills learned are invaluable. Everything requires coding and computers today, even financial trading is all algorithmic bots.

  15. I was an MIS major who only took fox classes for the last 2 years and honestly it wasn’t that time consuming. Any non technical MIS class was a joke like the UX stuff, and the technical classes are easy if you do the work consistently

  16. Winter 2022, I wouldn't worry it about for now. Please don't concern yourself with this issue. I've got it.

  17. Take a trip to south st and get Woodrow’s thank me later

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