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  1. Heheheh, heerlijk melig dit.

  2. I'm pretty sure my post was and his post wasn't. Fucking children downvoting a joke. Your a fucking imbecile for posting this reply.

  3. Yeah my "Morrowind" on Steam actually just executes /usr/bin/openmw --no-grab

  4. fixes the way screenshots act weirdly on my machine, you probably don't need it

  5. Ah i use the grim and slurp combo to screenshot. But i play openmw on my tablet, so that doesnt apply to me lol

  6. Not more than usual. How’s your setup? Wifi or Ethernet? Is your input buffer on default? Might want to try STS or CSTS. V sync is probably already turned off, but if it isn’t you should do that. If I personally go higher than 120 fps on the settings I will experience more input lag or ghost touches for some reason, even though my laptop should be able to handle higher fps. So try putting it on 120 fps max, maybe it will help.

  7. unless you have a freesync/gsync monitor that you know of, dont disable vsync. It just puts unnecessary stress on your gpu and cpu to produce frames your screen cant even show you. Whilst making the pacing of your frames more unpredictable and looking more horrible in the process if you're unlucky.

  8. It is recommended to turn vsync off to have minimum input lag, which is pretty crucial for rocket league. It reduces screen tearing but increases input delay.

  9. If you really want those few ms of input lag back you can enable borderless fullscreen an disable vsync. The game will then be limited by a vsync-esque windows feature. This will cap your frames whilst hindering the input less.

  10. Yeah, I know. The dev is doing portal 2 as well. Why are people even bothering to reply to a year old post?

  11. The first line is the answer to your question. The top portion above the addendum is a teaser for the game. Below that is mechanics, if it sounds interesting. Feel free to read as much, or as little as you like.

  12. You look like you dont peddle a only fans! Fr tho, you look like a fun person, albeit looking a bit crazy lol

  13. I mean, given its a fresh root shell most that will be lost are history files i bet

  14. Darn, I found this on Discord and it was kind of working for me.

  15. use a live USB and I think there is an official pop_os guide on boot recovery at the pop_os homepage.

  16. Why would you back up your boot partition? Its something that can be rebuild with ease if you ask me.

  17. rebuild your ramfs and reinstall your bootloader via a chroot from a live environment. Or google it, it can be pretty distro specific.

  18. Its a funny thing, having a game so notoriously complex and vague. That you forget to think of something as simple as new years.

  19. Hoe is het CBS dan verschrikkelijk? Ik mag hopen dat je niet probeert hem te halen bij het CBS.

  20. Hij zal de slagingskans van het behalen wel willen weten

  21. I can't seem to fire the first wand

  22. I'm having such a hard time believing you are being genuine.

  23. Nah my friend told me to, but it's configured in C which I don't know too well. I was considering bspwm next.

  24. I dont know jack shit about c. But that doesnt really matter. If you got the tiniest skill in programming you can figure it out. DWM is great <3

  25. All languages have a link to C. Node js is written in C. Python is C for noobs. Java is OOP, like Cpp. cpp is just c but with bigger output files. Rust is trying to replace Cpp with tried to replace C. Go… doesn’t matter /s

  26. You are going to start some fights with that lol. Also, c isnt object oriented. And what i ment with my comment was. The general skill of programming translates to any language. I'm a programmer by trade who hasnt touched c besides dwm. And thats enough for me to be able to configure it, and even lightly modify it.

  27. My brother in hashem, I compiled it without support for 32 bit applications and now steam doesn't work so I have to do it over again

  28. Imagine immortalising ypurself like that lol

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