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  1. Non inventory delivery among other things

  2. hes not gonna last long if thats the case, VTO is a massive tool us leaders use to manage cost especially on the off season. at my station even a skeleton crew is too much rn

  3. You need to magic eraser the pole and wires 🙂😉

  4. I think that should be the new standard, it's because they hired too many ambassador off of looks and friendships so they have to start over.

  5. It's actually always been standard, looks like flavor of the month for your station is training compliance. My station just did that around prime week lmao

  6. What will I drink when my tummy is upset

  7. Literally exactly what I was gonna say lmao

  8. "Flip to shhh" . I use it daily (nightly to be precise). That slight vibration to tell me that the phone is now silent and won't be bothering me with notifications etc is what I crave 😂

  9. If your silencing notifications for bedtime I highly recommend setting up the bedtime mode, you can find it by searching for "bedtime" in the settings app, most of the actual settings are in digital wellbeing but also crosses over into the clock app.

  10. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  11. Weird, I paired my DS4 one time, and never paired it again.

  12. This is how I use my Stadia controller cuz damn google made some good hardware RIP stadia

  13. Theoretically they will both work perfectly fine, but the Xbox controller will work 100% natively given windows and Xbox are Microsoft products

  14. And if you have steam you can use the built in virtual controller tool to make a lot of controllers work just fine

  15. We really freed ourselves from Britain, took one look at Hawaii and said “ah we can do that to someone else, as a treat”

  16. Fun fact there is a portion of Hawaii that’s technically not owned by the US, the independent & sovereign state of Hawaii. Dedicated to preserving the rich history of Hawaiian culture and hopefully someday restoring that culture and way of life to the rest of the island. I think they do a lot of work with the Polynesian cultural center too.

  17. Yes, your phone will keep a level of trust based off a number of factors including time, movement, and other ai gubbins to prove that you are you

  18. It’s a really common L with motherboard io shields, unfortunately you’ll have to take the whole mobo out and bend that tab up so it’s on the outside of the port.

  19. I would highkey clothesline him with the scooter

  20. I love the yellow accents that looks slick

  21. Don't worry about it your car just sneezed.

  22. Some airlines are banning airtags too, I'm gonna put redundant tags in all my bags

  23. Bring a sharpie to doodle on your friends white socks

  24. Get a new motherboard… tf are you doing that needs 4 Gpus tho

  25. The other people backing up like "oh she means business"

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