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  1. The composition and render don't really say splash art for me, to be honest. Usually splash art would be in a 16:9 format because it will be displayed in full screen mostly, and it usually shows a bit more of the figure, a half body or even full body. Usually the face is very well visible and the focal point, so make sure it's less obscured by things in front of it and build the composition to lead the eye to it. The light should be more defined, all the lights anf shadows are a bit all over the place, making it hard to read. Study light and shadow placement more to improve that and always keep your light source(s) in mind while painting. The textures in the hair and the fur coat(?) are too uniform and bland, use bigger, more stylized and bold shapes for that to achieve that semirealistic style. Also, you can always study off and copy other splash art pieces to get the look and feel down! Thats totally fine for learning, just credit your inspiration/references.

  2. A splash art needs to show the entire character, the only exceptions are with foreshortened poses where a single part of a character is harder to see or is going slightly off of the screen.

  3. Not really. A splash art is usually a piece of art meant to be displayed in a full screen view, usually during loading screens in a game, but the term is also used in comics for a panel that is covering most or all if the page and grabs the reader's attention. There's no real rules or definitions about what one must contain, there's also splash arts of environments or vehicles etc. But I've rarely seen protraits like this one. The only rule is that it should be captivating, and detailed enough to be displayed in a rather big scale.

  4. Doesn't mei have the most amount of legendary skins or somethingike that

  5. I think torb and junk are strong contenders as well if i remember my own library

  6. If they get an epidural and the tech is on point they don't feel a thing

  7. Its the corner of the mouth I think. It looks like the corner of a closed mouth, and the lips kinda close together like in a relaxed position. If ypu look at pictures of really wide smiles like hers it should be slightly open all the way to the corner. Most of the time you'll also see a but of the top gums as the corners of the mouth go up but the teeth go straight. And i think you could probably make her squint even more and really hint at the cheeks being pushed upward, especially on the side where you can really see the outline of the cheek, that's what makes you squint in the first place.

  8. I think I agree with what the other commenter said, either really focus on the couple to make it feel more intimate, or focus on the environment and have the people be a part of it, but not in the focus of the piece. Also, make sure that the characters are also in the correct perspective, you did pretty good perspective on the room itself, but the chair and characters seem a bit off. They look a little flat. It's a tricky perspective because the chair is turned so you would need separate vanishing points for that.

  9. Would you say if I focused on the characters than I would have to zoom in? (Probably losing the window and bookcase..( Or I guess probably used blur? But it probably wouldn’t look good) And yeah actually fixed the chair after a friend pointed it out! I have to get better at noticing things like that 😂 thank you!!

  10. Zooming in a bit would help, yes. If you want to keep the window, you could also make it a landscape format instead of square, cutting off some of the bottom and top to make the characters have more presence. Square formats are most of a time not my favorite, most of the time making it either a portrait or a landscape looks better. One commenter also metioned the rule of thirds which could probably be applied nicely here to spice up the composition. This painter:

  11. I think depth is the main issue with the leaves. You don't have to blur it to achieve depth, i think having some leaves be more in the foreground and closer to the camera would also help with that, and in general having lots of layers of foreground, midground and background. You can also look into value groups, which means to limit the values of a part of the picture while having a more full or even just a different range of values on the focal point. This will automatically achieve more depth. Decreasing the contrast when objects are farther away plays into this idea (as limiting the values will decrease the contrast automatically) and will have a similar effect. Devinellekurz on instagram has a few highlights in her page where she does a walkthrough of developing a painting, she talks about value groups and stuff like that a lot.


  13. I really like the ornate gold patterns actually, they frame it nicely and look a bit more professional than the white. I think it also probably fits the setting of the book better as far as I can tell from the cover. The fog behind the main character is a bit too strong imo, it does help to make him stand out, but makes the other characters look washed out and unimportant. Especially the male character has now less opacity at the top because of the title and also the fog over top of him, which makes him appear kind of weak and ghostly. Maybe you can remove the fading at the top and fit the title above him, maybe move the characters down just a smidge to make it fit. I think you could also saturate the vignette shading that goes all around the piece a bit more. It looks quite monotonous because you used a lot of monochromatic colours. That's why I'm liking the gold edge more than the white, too. It's a nice pop of colour. And lastly, having some typography for the title is important, too, or at least that thinking about the colour already, thats also part of cover design. I think gold would look nice for the title as well

  14. My boyfriend's cat once dissappeared for like weeks, just when they were moving out. So they had to leave her behind and later drive back to their old house and look for her. She was just chillin in the neighborhood and luckily they found her pretty fast, because neighbors recognized pictures of her and told them that she was often stopping by.

  15. The complications that come with a vagina. BV again? Uti? Yeast infection from the uti antibiotics? BV came back cause of the yeast infection that you got treating your uti? Such a pain sometimes

  16. Yes. It hasn't been the same ever since I got a uti like 1.5 years ago, followed by a recurring yeast infection, and now that that's finally cured (at least my lab results say that it is) i think i have bv... Been taking lactic acid, i hope it helps stabilize everything

  17. The speculum looks like a torture device. It makes me wanna die just thinking about it tbh.

  18. I once went to a gynecologist who didn't use one. Instead he had basically two metal hooks (kinda looked like shoehorns) that he kinda twisted and had an assistant hold onto them to keep it open. It was very uncomfortable and he insterted them quite roughly. I never went to that doctor again. Wtf.

  19. We left a celery in our fridge for a week. It took about three years to get all of the smell out, and for quite some time the butter and other things would taste like celery if you left them in the fridge for a while

  20. I would switch horse and lion so it can kick with its back legs and attack with its claws

  21. buy a self sustainable house, and live the rest of my life in peace in a excluded village in the mountains. sure with my Gaming PC as an entertainment.

  22. Just make sure it has good internet connection

  23. Yeah but it's prety expensive. Better off to buy the whole book for a cople bucks more and get all the content

  24. The price of the book goes down when you make individual buys, when you do enough buys the book will be free of charge

  25. really? I didn't know that, that's nice

  26. Gotta pour sugar in their engine so they have to have the whole thing taken apart by a mechanic.

  27. And that is why you need the car key to open tbe gas tank on most cars...

  28. Especially when you cooked it yourself. That sense of pride when you've made something extra delicious just adds tonit.

  29. Looks great! You could work on getting it a bit more smooth

  30. Any tips on how to do that? I’m working with plastilina and I’m not sure what tools are best to smooth it out

  31. I don't have any experience with that material, but these silicone tip sculpting tools may help. Yoc can try smoothing the surface carefully with your Finger or maybe try some water or something but I'm not sure how well that will work

  32. It’s only a problem for me. It doesn’t bother her that she’s not getting any of something that she doesn’t want.

  33. As the less sexually driven partner in a now 5 year relationship, she won't really realize how much it bothers you. At least that was the case for me. It sounds harsh but only because my partner threatened to end the relationship I realized what a big deal that was for him, because it wasn't for me. We talked a lot about it and it got better for both of us :)

  34. Hey, you seem to be a wise one here. Please go on a bit more about your experience. I am fairly young in a relationship, would love to know some dos and don'ts.

  35. Well just talking a lot is good, about everything. Don't be afraid to be open about things that bother you. because the other partner will notice that something is up and it will build into a lot of tension, which will lead to fighting (mostly about unrelated things without resolving the underlying issue). I think many people (especially a lot of women) assume their partner can read their mind... Also same goes for things you like of course, not just stuff that's bothering you.

  36. update: they found someone and we are back to normal, hooray

  37. Waist up portrait for 40€, Couples portrait for 60€! Includes corresponding flag or a flat colour/gradient as background.

  38. I like how soft and like, tender it is. I had to get over it the first few times but I really grew to like it

  39. Maybe try a vegan mayo if you dont like the sulfuriness of the eggs

  40. Just say that it's the same spirit in a different form.

  41. Yeah its just like find familiar, which is always the same spirit, too

  42. As they say, it's only a real goblin if you can change the skin colour from green to a natural colour and it still looks like a goblin and not a halfling!

  43. Part of it is probably the pose, it looks quite stiff in the shoulders and especially the legs/hooves look very floaty. Don't be afraid to copy a pose off of a photograph, or even trace one for the sake of time, as anatomy is not the focus of this piece but rather the design.

  44. I'll put it on my list! I love herrrr :O

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