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  1. Am I the only one who thinks this is cringe

  2. It's really sad we trap these animals for entertainment

  3. You can start looking at the ICs on the board and their data sheets. There should be a Bluetooth audio ic and if you get the data sheet for it you can find out the pins for the analog audio output. Then it's easy as attaching an aux cable to that.

  4. Also be careful working with mains electronics. cheers!

  5. Stupid ass me looked for an o-ring in the schematic

  6. Thank you - I’m very new to standalone MCUs and I’d be glad if you could elaborate - could you give me an example of a MCU with USB capability?

  7. Would recommend STM32. You can buy a neucleo dev board and start experimenting right away.

  8. Mate I can't see what you're talking about.

  9. If you have solved your "What is this" question, please change the flair by clicking the flair button and selecting "Solved", or by saying "solved" in any comment.

  10. It has over voltage protection (OVP), over current protection (OCP) along with constant current (CC) more and constant voltage (CV) mode. You can set the parameters to whatever you want and it wouldn't let the output go beyond that. Short circuit protection is essentially the OCP and it would limit the current by dropping it's output voltage to protect the devices powered by it down the line.

  11. Looks 3d printed. Maybe try thingiverse.

  12. No, not particularily dangerous. Looks like

  13. I caught it in to a takeaway container and released to our garden. Hope she won't find her way back in to the house.

  14. That certainly sounds like what I need but is there any way to do this without having another Cisco device on prem?

  15. When you say on-prem, do you mean the truck or office? A basic Cisco router at your office can act as a dmvpn head end for the remote 829's. If you already have a Cisco edge router at the office, you can just use that (assuming you have the security license)

  16. I meant our office as on-prem. Unfortunately we don't have an edge router here in the office.

  17. To clarify: do you want connectivity into the router itself (like SSH), or access to the devices on a network behind it?

  18. Hey! I need access to the devices behind it. They have web interfaces to configure parameters and update the firmware.

  19. What network equipment is handling the public IP at the office?

  20. I think it's a Fortigate router. Probably there are some firewalls and stuff in between I'm sure.

  21. Get a logic analyser and figure out on your own.

  22. Please tell me you've already tried rubbing it.

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