1. Halloween called, it wants its decor back

  2. wasn't quite what you were asking for... hope next year turns out better for you!

  3. Lemme explain my choice of parts here. Before this, my case was a H210i, which comes with 2 fans, but you guys called it an oven. Then, it was a RAIJINTEK OPHION EVO, which does not come with any fans. So, I went ahead and got fans, and then realized I needed a fan hub. One of those cost like 10 dollars, so I went "Screw this. What cases come with their own fan hub?"

  4. There are websites for that, that keep a database of those products.

  5. well that would've saved me a lot of time...

  6. If this comment is meant seriously, then I would suggest

  7. it was serious, and thanks :>

  8. forgot to mention, the B450I requires USBwhatever to whatever adapters

  9. Why aren’t you building with a modern platform?

  10. should i go for a 12100F and a Gigabyte Z690I Aorus Ultra Lite?

  11. The cpu cant be overclocked and you are choosing a overclockable board that costs extra

  12. i can always upgrade my CPU in the future, and besides i don't really need to overclock anyway

  13. Yes, Kingston Hyper X Fury is as bling as I like to get.

  14. the case is almost as expensive as the GPU so yeah i was expecting that

  15. grey cloud mousepad, large, black stitching. just looks really good imo

  16. my favorite animal is cat :>

  17. my favorite fictional character is... it's more of a pokémon but EEVEEEE

  18. i wanna receive black because... i like the color black

  19. iqunix does awesome giveaways

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