1. Crazy how all these virgins are more concerned with the numbers rather than letting you express to ur enjoyment on the experience, Reddit fucking sucks lmao

  2. Your state schools will certainly take you with a 3.0, the real problem is not having a good handle on math. Unfortunately if you're not very comfortable with trigonometry and calculus you're going to struggle to understand the concepts.

  3. I understand that fully but is it too late to grasp these concepts? As I said in myother reply I will for sure focus on math all summer and not even work at all. Any tips? Iโ€™m starting from the basics on khan academy and trying to build up to finishing calc 1 before end of summer.

  4. Hi! So youโ€™re definitely in a tricky situation. Iโ€™m a junior in mechanical engineering and for my school at least itโ€™s a very math heavy major. The first two years were all the basic intro classes that you hear about such as physics, calc 1-4 and so on. But now i have to use all the math I learned and apply it to more complex subjects. Math has always come easy to me but I have definitely run into situations where I need to spend more time on it. If you dedicate a large chunk of your time to math and understanding it youโ€™ll do just fine but you have to put in the work. For your GPA, i had around a 3.4 going into college and I got accepted to decent school. I do have a lot of extra curricularโ€™s which help. What iโ€™ve learned about engineering school so far is that itโ€™s not as much building things rather than learning the basics of how stuff works. Like fluids, thermo, heat transfer. The real learning of how everything works is when you start your professional career. Some steps i think you should take is to look at schools you want to apply to in the future and then see what their requirements are. Then see what you can do to be more appealing for the schools. I would definitely try to work on your understanding of math because everything builds off of the basics. Iโ€™m still using math which iโ€™ve learned in Algebra and Geometry almost every day. So use resources such as Khan Academy to work on those skills. I hope this helps!

  5. Thank you for your insight. Yeah Iโ€™m pretty dead set on getting good at math. Iโ€™m done beating around the bush bsing my way through math courses. Iโ€™ve even quit my job for the 3 months of summer to give math my whole undivided attention. Iโ€™m also going to do summer school and retake some courses to up my gpa. Do you believe if I get good up to Calc 1 by summer I should be ok to pursue this path?

  6. OP do you even understand the point of long tube headers? Trying to find a way to pass emissions is literally impossible if you want to go this route, get some high flow cats and call it a day.

  7. Canโ€™t wait to have my own garage one day where I can hang up a Nismo flag and work on my Z in peace ๐Ÿซก

  8. Mmm, hearing the exhaust reverberating off the walls ๐ŸŽถ

  9. Easiest way would be Fb marketplace, Iโ€™ve gotten very expensive parts for much cheaper as people are selling off totaled vehicles/individual parts

  10. Donโ€™t listen to any of these purists or whatever on this sub, keep the wing this is a sick asf track build bro

  11. You run the wires through the hub to the center cap of the quick release, itโ€™s a button

  12. Windscreen cover,cap,seal. Not sure but ask Nissan, they should know. Ask "what's the name of the seal strip of plastic above the windscreen?"

  13. Bro donโ€™t ask Nissan anything, I asked them for the clip that goes on the rod that holds the break pads in on the brembos and Nissan techs couldnโ€™t wrap their head around how a brake caliper worlds, in short , call Z1

  14. Not jdm but 15k and pop ups Iโ€™d def buy a c5 vette, sexy n fast plus with 15 grand you could prob find one sub 80k miles and manual

  15. That Z is a pos bro Iโ€™d choose a clean Camry over it if we keepin it real

  16. Just a look? Bro I catch mysef just standing there staring ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  17. With my years of expertise I can assure you that what you have right there is a Cold Air intake (CAI) for short

  18. Steal of a price. Saw on another post you did the G2 kit for refreshing them, any feedback on the kit as a whole?

  19. Yeah man they looked pretty crispy after the repaint. Only thing is whatever you do DO NOT use the brush they provide. It has some kind of reaction with the paint and the bristles come off inside the paint. Other than that itโ€™s solid. Then after you apply brembo decal make sure to do 3-4 light coats of clear to seal it. Very W kit highly recommend. Btw one can is enough for like 8 calipers so donโ€™t even worry about not having enough.

  20. Sheeesh, you have to sand in between coats to get rid of brush strokes? That was my biggest fear in doing so and having wanted to go the High Temp Aerosol route

  21. No no no bro not the brush strokes, those level out as the paint is self leveling so itโ€™s 100% smooth. I mean the fuckinh brush hairs come out if you use the shitty one they provide. Thatโ€™s literally the only downside of this kit. Use your own brush and youโ€™re golden ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

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