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  1. It’s sad our time as a society has people questioning if it’s normal to not have the urge of hoeing around… yes your normal and this is ok 👍🏼

  2. To an extent of course, if you are with friends probably they can but then again, what’s really wrong with it?It’s normal. People have crushes or whatever but like no one else really cares past the “oh I think they like eachother”. I say if you have that sexual tension and you can sense he does too, you just tell him in private. YOLO

  3. Bruh losers on Reddit are the last people ur gonna wanna ask this to 💀😭

  4. Atleast I got a real nismo lmao fuckin poser.

  5. Coming from someone who high key made the mistake of aesthetics first you gotta make it run pretty before it looks pretty. Do a full motor refresh making sure nothings leaking. Maybe an intake but just make sure valve covers are good, same with the solenoids and cam pos sensors. If motor is 100% I’d do coils first. Then wheels and tires. Then exhaust. After that then you can do whatever you want for exterior. That’s probably the best way to build these cars. Just remember 1 thing. Don’t cheap out on important shit cuz it’ll just fuck u over in the future.

  6. i actually picked these up a couple months ago. too aggressive on my s2000 even with the widebody :(

  7. Seeing everyone crash is lowkey making me scared now 😭, this has to be the 10th post today

  8. Pink calipers are so sexy but I’d get jumped if I did it on my car lmao

  9. Don’t know how it happened, but I ordered some expensive jewellery for my wife, and they sent me this. 😬

  10. Hahahaha same bro, somehow they accidentally sent me some brembos instead of the bath bombs I was getting for my girl, honest mistake 😅🤣

  11. Poor kid just wants to show off his Silvia on roblox have some mercy folks 😭

  12. I don’t know man, but they def are not cheap, I believe 400+ something per wheel. How’s the ride quality for you?

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