1. Pretty much every draft league I’ve seen uses a spreadsheet to keep track of the draft board, rosters, standings, transactions, etc. and manages the actual picks, transaction requests, and scheduling through a discord server. It would be awesome if what you’re describing exists, but I’ve never heard of anything like it.

  2. Maybe our new buddy chat gpt can help us build one

  3. Maybe, given that the person instructing chatGPT already has a very clear picture of what they want to build and how. But the existing system pretty much works fine to be honest, and the nature of a spreadsheet is highly customizable to accommodate a wide variety of league formats. Building an app or website that can match that level of versatility while also being easy to use would likely be pretty hard.

  4. SCARAB SIGHTING IN RLCS! Is this the first ever Scarab in an RLCS match?

  5. Does anybody know if there is any chance optic can make the major?

  6. I think there is if they win this regional, but it would require a ton of other major contending teams to throw in addition to the win

  7. This also begs the question of what else is unchanged.

  8. This is what I am concerned about currently playing in a draft league that is using post-home mons based on what the stats are currently believed to be. We’re probably gonna have mons getting nerfed and buffed mid-season

  9. Ok my original question is how people perceive it so here’s my earnest question: for hypothetical purposes -if you knew without a doubt that (yes I understand people have serious doubt) that one of your closest friends would repay you in 1 month and you happened to have that amount uninvested on hand, why see do you see it as a ‘burden’ ? To me it’s not a burden at all, but clearly im an exception for seeing it this way.

  10. I don’t know what your goal is with the whole holier-than-thou thing, “oh it isn’t a burden to me at all but I guess I’m the exception” Good for you man, but based on popular consensus and basic risk management it is a bad decision, and it doesn’t make the people in this thread any less generous or morally sound than you. Your hypothetical scenario in which you are guaranteed to get the money back is stupid and not worth considering, because you are just trying to reframe the question to make the people commenting either look selfish or be forced to agree with you due to an imaginary technicality.

  11. Knowing you are new to draft, just try to treat it as a learning experience, cuz you are unfathomably screwed here lmao

  12. A task is only difficult in relation to the size of the character undertaking it. I understand why it seems hard for you but for me? Tis nothing.

  13. It was this comment that made me realize that you’re baiting and trolling the fuck out of everyone. Good on you. I still hope you get full para’d every turn until your inevitable, miserable, and forgettable death.

  14. I got paralyzed and unable to move for 4 consecutive turns. That’s such a tiny chance it shouldn’t be allowed to happen at all

  15. What format is the league? If paldea, what are the Tera rules?

  16. If his fall split was so good, why did V1 drop him?

  17. Have you considered that they didn’t drop Comm because Comm is bad, but because rise is just that good?

  18. Beastmode carried Shopify pretty hard, and they spiraled once he was gone

  19. Bait is too good, it’s being guzzled by everyone in this comment section

  20. How is that sad, I'd bet most don't even follow the esport on a regular basis. They're here to support their team, and that's it. You guys have to remember not everyone is a diehard dedicated RL fan.

  21. When NA fans only supported NA teams at lan this was a completely different narrative lmao

  22. OU pros panic when I pull up with quick claw Torkoal, ice punch Dusknoir, Eevee, Absol, itemless Tatsugiri, and 299 speed Great Tusk

  23. It’s a little physically oriented no? Maybe add item-less Tatsugiri. It only takes half damage from knock off too

  24. A wise woman once told me “truly skilled trainers should only use Pokémon that are not even UU viable because they view themselves as some sort of masochistic shonen protagonist” or something like that idk I didn’t watch the anime

  25. That duo begs for an Eevee on the team (please do not suggest that it should be a different mon besides Eevee, you have to customize the Eevee set to be OU viable). I’d say you‘ll be able to win 4/5 games on average

  26. It sort of depends on preferences, the archetype you’re leaning into with these 4 so far is hazards hyper offense. Is that something you’d like to experiment with, or is balanced offense more your style?

  27. I generally enjoy hyper offense but I’m aware that’s not really viable :( so open to literally any suggestions lol

  28. I mean, hyper offense hasn’t been as viable as it is now in quite some time. If it were me, I would replace flutter mane with iron valiant because it’s banned, and then add in gholdengo and either chi-yu or roaring moon. I don’t know if the team would work that well on ladder, but it’s certainly a starting point.

  29. Zera not being electric fighting was pretty disappointing

  30. I love how the post implied that landorus is some godlike mon that is incapable of losing 1v1 to anything tiered below OU, zero understanding of covering options and what makes a Pokémon good in the first place

  31. Articuno should be OU by the face it OHKOs landorus T with blizzard

  32. Yeah ok legendary spammer, articuno was goated in my fire red playthrough so it’s obviously cheating to use it in OU

  33. Do you find that you need the Blissey all that often on top of already having specially defensive clodsire? I agree with your last point, a special attacker probably uses that slot better than blissey

  34. Yeah I find it's never really doing much besides maybe spreading status. But if it's getting to spread Twaves then I was probably already going to win anyway.

  35. Specially defensive support, even in the form of another ground type like clodsire. The amount of Great Tusks that have switched into my toxtricity and gotten one shot by Tera-normal boomburst is north of 20.

  36. I run unaware and frequently bluff water absorb, haven’t been punished for it yet. You may actually want to run water absorb if you have great tusk on the team though, to limit your water type and dolphin man liabilities

  37. Compared to my pre-release expectations for it, tinkaton

  38. It could maybe be a valid way to break opposing bulky annoying mons, but I would rather just use the goat salt cure garganacl

  39. Not only do I think it’s balanced and fun, but I think there are at least 5-10 other things that should be suspected wayyyy before Tera should

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