1. Maybe faze have the ghostbusters buff, nothing tilts me more in ranked than that god damn marshmallow man goal explosion

  2. Anyone in this thread who thinks they understand the situation better than Psyonix themselves is braindead

  3. Can’t wait to see the chaos when this gets called back lmao

  4. It’s been said in a few places that the bug happens when you hold down the boost button before you’re able to move on kickoff, causing the boost input to not be registered until you release the button and press it again. It is a bug, and not an intended feature. Correct call.

  5. In the first person clip you can see that he couldn't use boost for like 10 seconds after the kickoff. You're telling me he didn't let go of the button and try again the whole time?

  6. I have no idea, there’s a variety of ways a player could react, and it’s probably more frustrating than you or I could imagine to have your boost inexplicably not work during an overtime kickoff at worlds. Either way, Psyonix determined that Sypical was not at fault, and they’re pretty much the only party we can trust to be objective here.

  7. The whole arsenal is sick situation is literally why you have subs, especially when a player like lethamyr is probably still better than like half the players in this swiss and would love to step in

  8. Maybe it’s just me being garbage but Arsenal made a lot of questionable decisions there

  9. The next Swiss round’s matchups aren’t determined until the current Swiss round ends, you aren’t “supposed” to play anyone in advance

  10. Joreuz looks like me after 7 beers, can’t be assed to do anything but go for clips and redirects

  11. Ok that’s one of the best saves I’ve seen maybe ever

  12. I don’t think retals was lying about being prepared, they look a level above right now

  13. It's not the result, but the performance. He looked completely outclassed

  14. Tiktok e-boy perms that every teenager seems to have now, broccoli head lookin asses

  15. Tough call, I think moist’s run was definitely more difficult given how close modern teams are to each other skill wise, but Cloud9’s could certainly still be considered “better” because of the historic feat of taking down Dignitas.

  16. Last series was some of the most dominant rocket league ever

  17. Yanxnz, but by the end of tomorrow, it will be Beastmode.

  18. This is literally anyone’s tourney, this weekend is gonna be crazy

  19. There have to be some insane mental or comms issues on BDS, this is terrible

  20. Beastmode making his case for best player in the world imo

  21. A firefighters nightmare, just imagine having to search that building in case it caught fire tight spaces twists and turns plus hidden rooms

  22. I have been involved in designing the fire protection systems for these types of buildings - they are much more robust than what you would install in a typical occupancy, due to the difficulties with egress paths.

  23. How in the fuck is maroon getting away with these non calls

  24. This is not a snide on Tampa, but they are the best team at playing greasy playoff hockey. Which is not so say they aren't skilled offensively and defensively. However they are always pushing the line of what is considered a penalty based on the officiating on a given night, and that has come from experience.

  25. Yep, they are incredibly good at it and I don’t fault them as it’s a good strategic move, it’s infuriating to watch as a fan of the other team though lol

  26. Haha by 0:58 I meant 58 seconds into overtime… of course…

  27. This is pretty terrible, as a public health action. Vaping is not harmless, but it is much lower harm than cigarette smoking. For many, its offered a means of quitting. For all, including those cohabiting, it offered much lower exposure to carcinogens.

  28. Really hoping that swedish snus doesn’t get banned in the US, it’s the best way to consume nicotine as far as I’m concerned

  29. I'm looking forward to NRG winning this tourney where the best team they'll beat is NA #9 or a team with Alphakep on it and then hearing about how "The General is back in business".

  30. What’s wrong with AlphaKep? Just curious, I don’t know much about him

  31. I always ignore the esports shop since no one does any mantis decals

  32. Hockey gods weren’t putting up with kadri’s soccer bullshit

  33. That hit probably would have put you in the hospital lmao

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