Quavo trying to revive Takeoff.

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  1. Some people just don’t deserve free will

  2. People who know how to fight DoH usually put him in the highest tier.

  3. Greetings fellow man of culture 🤝🏻

  4. Yea I’m not so sure about that one my dude 😬

  5. This is a good reminder to always put on your kneepads. Have a speedy recovery

  6. There's a mod on Nexus that allows this. It gives you a menu at the idol that you can use to resurrect minibosses. I've been using it for a while, it works well and it's pretty intuitive.

  7. I think it could spark an uproar if someone’s trying to do it in the States lol

  8. Nahh he’s hard during the first 150th try, its a smooth sailing after the that

  9. Bottom right... I thought it might be AI generated but that's just too deliberate.

  10. OP is trying to justify his fetish by projecting to other people.

  11. Agreed, Inner Isshin is one of the best bosses in all of FS games IMHO

  12. Id even go so far and say its my favorite boss in all of the games i played.

  13. Jeez I hope the insurance have a coverage for ‘fire in the middle of the ocean’

  14. Geez that looks like a head shot a lot of blood probably some brain matter also… sad all over a dice game… let’s see we had 1 rapper die from going to get some cookies for his moms… another died while eating chicken and waffles with his gf well I be damn this is a common trend these guys are getting smoked left and right

  15. Don’t forget about XXXTentacion, my guy literally get mugged and killed on broad daylight while just checking on some Harley-Davidson bikes and to make it worse, X didn’t even fight back and he even complied with the thieves by gaving them his belongings and yet those fucking animals still killed him.

  16. When the “music” reflects the “musician” mental state perfectly

  17. Looks like a road that leads to a witch’s house with banshees occasionally flying and shrieking above your head.

  18. Idk if there's a spreadsheet somewhere with drop rates, but using Mibu Possesion Balloon or Mibu Pilgrimage Ballon will increase item drop rate.

  19. What’s so wrong again? Its not like I’m watching it out of sheer pleasure dumbass

  20. Why do you want to watch dead people? Morbid curiosity is sickening. Would you like people to watch your family and friend's corpses? Go fuck yourself piece of shit.

  21. Calm down Karen, its only sickening if you take pleasure out of it. There’s nothing wrong watching it if you merely want to witness it yourself.

  22. I’ll take religious nutjobs over homicidal satanists who rapes chicken anytime of the day.

  23. the only people who believe in Satan are religious nutjobs who also love busting a fat nut in children instead of chickens

  24. You sounded hurt, touched a nerve didn’t I?

  25. Sekiro’s stealth mechanics is so darn good, the devs even gave the players an item (Gachiin Sugars/Spiritfall) that allows you to boosts your stealth massively by making you almost invisible to the naked eye 🫥

  26. Always stay on your toes, memorize his movesets and deflect accordingly. Don’t forget that when you reflect his lightning, he can reflect it back so be very vigilant.

  27. If you’re more than capable, by all means go ahead.

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