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  1. Yes he’s rocking a 5.11 PC and Condor chest rig with hydration carrier.

  2. Any ideas how his tq is being held on?

  3. Could you comment with the GoFundMe link please? Or if that's not allowed, link to where you found the photo?

  4. Someone else commented it right above ya

  5. From Columbus Ohio where our law enforcement abuse each other lol

  6. Thats the exact hose I have. I thought of that but I'd rather Have something easier to work with/looks like it should be there. I was thinking those elastic molle straps.

  7. Honestly just trying to get the weight off my head

  8. I know nobody will agree, but personally I don't see it as an issue. If somebody were to try and pull off a shooting, 100 other people would be there to stop it instead of having to depend on unarmed security guards. Just my view.

  9. Bro literally showed directly where you pour the bbs.

  10. These kids came into my job today to get food.

  11. Is this like- here is first aid, how to survive without power, how to clean water, etc prepper ... or stash buckets of freeze dried bean dinners from pat Robertson because the liberals are gonna take our guns and put tracking chips in vaccines full of critical race theory and pronouns ... prepper? I've been trying to find self sufficiency type stuff. And always get either 'I got a bunker full of guns' or "this pile of weeds will cure cancer". I just wanna know how to survive with reasonable stuff around, because our infrastructure is not that awesome.

  12. Nothing about vaccines or anything, no politics allowed. Only teaching and learning skills based off of specific situations

  13. Our goals and ideas are on @columbus_preppers Instagram

  14. Understandable why you'd think this but considering there's a strict "no illegal or suspicious activit" why do you think the fbi would care? They have more important things to do like framing people

  15. Reminds me of something that happened in 1993

  16. Wouldn't it make more sense to do this over ham radio?

  17. You could, but not everyday citizens have those recourses and the point of our group is that anyone can join.

  18. As long as you're in Ohio we welcome you

  19. Is it only in the Columbus area? I'm in Ohio but a few hours away from Columbus

  20. Absolutely not, we welcome anyone in Ohio

  21. Dont know much about crye. I don't see any identifying features

  22. Its hard to tell. Is the stitching good? I can also see a "multicam" logo on it, im not sure if thats normal (I don't own anything multicam)

  23. The gas station if you run fast enough

  24. Good. This is how mass shootings stop, so often armed civilians stop mass shooters and the media doesn't cover it.

  25. So when the hero stops the shooter the cops can come in and gun them down instead? That’s the most likely outcome. Probably with some collateral damage of a few nearby children since they’ll choose to fire 78 poorly aimed shots.

  26. Look up Johnny Hurley, similar story

  27. Gun control works. Compare the US to literally any other country.

  28. Are you forgetting who Afghanistan is occupied by? And the us is STILL worse. They’re absolutely fucked

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