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  1. Cant be the reason, we wanted to play one a week ago and we were able to join it. My m8 had to leave right after tho so we left way before the bracked even generated ...

  2. Then there must have been some issue there. Perhaps your friend left without leaving the tournament first, which may have kept him in it. That would mean the ban is theirs, not yours, and that you’re just experiencing the ban while in the same party.

  3. Weird. Rocket league beeing rigged as always I guess

  4. I don’t know what that means.

  5. I think it’s been pointed out that he’s a coach, which still very much makes that title a great accomplishment. Still, people forget that titles are signals of an accomplishment at a certain period in time. Who cares if someone was like legitimately Diamond 3 now and had an RLCS title from early on? That accomplishment was incredible, regardless of what level they play at now.

  6. I agree that people don't focus on fundamentals and defensive positioning. I've also always been of the opinion that players aren't even competent enough at the game to achieve somewhat organized 3s play until around Champion 1.

  7. My issue with that advice is that camping the net is almost always a bad position to defend from, so I don't really know how that will be that helpful to someone. A large part of playing defense is situational positioning and rotation. Camping net doesn't give you any of that experience. Defending from the goal is almost always the last position you want to defend from because you want to avoid defending head-on at all costs.

  8. Rocket League servers aren't perfect and legitimate accidental leaves do happen. That's why leaving isn't as harsh a punishment, because the game can't decipher between something like a legitimate disconnect and someone, you know, pulling their internet connection intentionally. I think the first leave could be elevated to a 10 or 15 minute ban, for sure, and then have higher increments from there. But there's also a balance to considered because someone with a longer ban at stake is much more likely to stick around and waste your time instead of leaving and serving out the duration of the ban.

  9. I mean, you may not have liked the way they were playing, but it's very likely that was just their playstyle and their perspective was that you threw a fit about it and gave up on actually playing. And there's honestly no reason for me to just assume that they aren't right in this scenario. You're not going to like the way that all of your teammates play. Their report doesn't exactly seem unwarranted.

  10. Whichever platform something is purchased on is the platform that it is bound to. So, if an item is opened using credits on PS, then you can use the item on your PC account since the accounts have been merged, but you can only trade it away on PS. Only items that aren't obtained using real money can be swapped across platforms, such as the TW Octane which is obtained freely.

  11. In Rocket League season 1 they showed players their rating after each game. There must have been a reason for them to do away with that system. For one, I can imagine a lot of complaints resulting from this feature due to both potential syncing issues and, more importantly, players misunderstanding the system. Giving that kind of transparency when it's not necessary can cause a lot more drama than it's worth. Bakkesmod is something that more seasoned players tend to use, and so allowing it as optional through that sort of system results in less (but still a lot) complaints about it. That being said, I don't see why they don't add in an option and just default it to off.

  12. Seasons do reset casual MMR. That’s the problem. They do a garbage job on that reset and smush everyone above Diamondish down to the same range.

  13. Rocket League only after you’ve studied. No studying; no Rocket League. That’s the deal. Worry about your future before a video game.

  14. Uh, no? I mean I agree with you in the games where all players are solo queued, but about half the games I play seems to be against pre made partys. Also if I notice that someone in the opposing team gives up, that annoys me too. It's just so immature.

  15. Teams have their own problems and downfalls that they bring to the table. Regardless of that, the system is specifically set up to prioritize matching solo players with other solo players. A team of solo players is also virtually guaranteed to have the more skilled players when facing a partied team, assuming there's no cheating going on. Plus, if you're not toxic yourself then that gives you an advantage in terms of games that will be thrown, considering you can guarantee one of your 3 spots won't actively try to ruin the game. So, again, these things all balance out. As someone who solo queued my entire career through the ranks, it really does strictly come down to a player's ability to play at a certain level. If you're stuck and it's not a skill problem then it's a mental problem and mentality is just as important in determining a player's success and level of play. Give your team a consistent advantage each game and you'll win more games than you lose in the long run. It really is that simple.

  16. Solution: uninstall this piece of garbage, this game will be dead in a few years anyway. I have 3,5k hours and am permastuck in C3 cuz of boosters and smurfs. I haven't enjoyed this game in months.

  17. If you don't put the /s people will be confused.

  18. Do I have to win another diamond tournament to go back up!

  19. No - your tournament rank works relatively similar to how regular ranks work. If one loss demoted you to diamond, one win will most likely promote you back to Champion. Make it to the second round of the next tournament and you'll end up Champion because you'll be +1.

  20. Looks like you've been playing a massive amount of Rocket League. My tip is to keep playing a massive amount of Rocket League and you'll continue to see inevitable growth.

  21. i have never seen this using bakkesmod, i think the other mods you use to add for example the underglow might be responsible, just try any combination a couple minutes to see which ones create the issue

  22. Bakkesmod has loads of plugins that you can install separately. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Bakkesmod but not a default mod.

  23. Before that update it was almost impossible to play higher than plat 2 without being good at dast aerial , now people start around d1-2 wich confirm my toughts

  24. I'm going to just go ahead and chalk this up to trolling at this point considering you threw me the "trust me bro", you think that platinum players ever knew how to fast aerial (it's not something that champion level players do consistently), and you don't really seem to understand how skill distribution works. You're either trolling or you can backup your claim that no one except for you seems to believe in. I mean, it's honestly not a difficult thing to document, but I'm certainly not going to spend my own time and energy doing the work for you. You made an outlandish claim. The burden of proof is on you.

  25. Honestly idk. I want to get better to improve on my own yes. But I've known these guys for years and they're my boys. Like if I move on alone it's not like I'd stop playing with them. But if I can be good enough on my own I Can help them which would help me too.

  26. I wouldn’t necessarily think that trying to coach them yourself is going to be well-received. You can’t just get better and carry them. They gave to improve, too. Have you asked them if they’re willing to get coaching? Having a 3rd party review your entire team would be more useful, but everyone has to be willing. Unless they’re some sort of strange friends who aren’t open to coaching but are open to your coaching.

  27. I wouldn't say they aren't open to coaching but getting them to go find 1 is the hard part. I'm just more open to criticism and because I've known theses guys for years they know when I tell them stuff that I mean it for the best as a team. But I feel like if I get better at my game then I can help improve them over time. I'm not trying to get to ssl anytime soon but if I get better and they 1v1 me like we always do then they can et used to higher level gameplay and can carry over into team games

  28. Yeah - it can be tough to find someone to coach a team. It's fairly difficult to find any good coaching, free or otherwise, if I'm being honest, and it's a lot more work to do a team. It's also worth noting that 1v1 won't really teach you anything about team play. The mechanics you use are different; the rotations and strategy you use are different; the way you challenge is different; etc. If you try to carry 1s strategy into team play then it will usually be harmful. What you gain from 1v1 that's relevant to team play are things like: being more comfortable controlling the ball quickly and efficiently, knowing how to shadow defend (which is honestly pretty rarely used in 3s, but occasionally important), and boost management/learning how to stay close to the play. Beyond that, 3s is much more complicated than 1s is and requires a lot of study and understanding to be really good.

  29. Keep in mind that you're naturally very good at understanding the game and probably also naturally very good mechanically, as you were pretty high ranked quite early. What I'm trying to say is that this might be survivorship bias.

  30. You’re right. Sometimes I don’t take my own bias into account with things like play style. I don’t do fancy aerial attacks really ever. One thing that I do think is usually important to consider with regards to DAR, though, is that the tornado component can lead to some bad habits that make it almost always less efficient both in terms of speed and boost when performing an aerial. Figuring that out will come with time, though, like anything else. It’s just easier to focus strictly on the alignment when you’re not having fun spinning lol. Or maybe that’s just me.

  31. Like others have said, you should be trying to match the pace of your teammates. In a team of 3, all 3 need to be in sync. Are they ball-chasing, or are they just high-pressure players? Are they ball-chasing, or are they seeing how far from the play you are and cutting in to keep the pressure going? You have to understand that every complaint you have about a teammate's playstyle and rotation is something they're probably thinking about you as well, though in a different manner. And, really, primarily what people are complaining about when they vent about their teammates' rotation is that they're upset or uncomfortable because their teammates aren't catering to their own playstyle. But that's also not fair. So, regardless of whether or not they are ball-chasers, you need to learn how to adapt to it and not focus on blame.

  32. I would imagine they're far from useless. It would at least be somewhat effective. You have to first remember that like 75% of the active player population is on console where it's even more likely to be effective.

  33. I agree. Just saying. Most of the playerbase is on console where people will generally have less knowledge of the subject and are even more inclined to be children who may not have access to the router. But, yeah, hardware bans would be ideal.

  34. I think you need to learn what the definition of "mechanics" is. Who cares if you can't air dribble? Who cares if you can't flip reset?

  35. well my friend who is SSL keeps saying "how cant your air dribble, its so easy" and he thinks that i have a lot of input lag or my setup is bad because he doesent understand how i cant air dribble, so i just assume its a bad thing to now be able to do that at my rank

  36. It sounds to me like your SSL friend shouldn’t be giving you any advice, tbh. If that’s what they’re saying about your mechanics then I can’t imagine what other sort of bad advice they’re giving you. Keep doing you. Practice aerials but don’t get discouraged about any of these things.

  37. Because at a certain point you'd rather have no teammate than a bot because they just get in the way.

  38. Dang. Honestly, it sounds like you have a problem, my dude. How are you leaving so consistently that you're getting 24 hour bans? How have you made it this far without learning your lesson? Who cares if you probably won't win the match? Unless your teammate is giving up on you, just keep playing. You don't need to win to have fun and improve. Stop being toxic and you might enjoy the game more!

  39. PS5 controller is excellent. I remember things feeling weird for a little while when I transitioned from the PS4 controller, but I don't regret it for one minute. It's been, by far, the most durable and reliable controller I've ever used. I used to go through PS4 controllers pretty quickly because there was just so much that could go wrong. I've been going strong with my PS5 controller for a year and a half now with no problems.

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