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  1. I was walking my pups at my apartment when a woman stopped her car and got out with an iPad. As we circled the building she went through to meet us. I said good morning. She just gasped with a look of fear and took a step back while eyeing my dog. He sat down and cocked his head at her haha. I think she may have taken a picture of us. We continued walking while she got back in her car and left. While I don’t really know the breed, there are breed restrictions here and American Bulldog is on the list. Should I be concerned? I don’t think she is staff, just another resident.

  2. Be very careful. A friend of mine had a dog in a breed restricted area (he got it before realizing) and the police arrived at the door and told him he had to get rid of her or move. Needless to say he moved, but unfortunately a lot of people will just dump a dog when they find that out.

  3. I have the same problem with family coming over or housemates. They sometimes just help themselves to my stuff. If you have anything you specifically don’t want them to eat, hide it or put it away somewhere else where they can’t get it. It sucks to feel like you gotta do that but I agree, people are kinda outrageous about eating other people’s stuff. Personally I wouldn’t dream of it.

  4. Yes, but it’s not just his chin, it’s his eyes, his facial expressions and his goofy style of comedy

  5. Drinks/food at the gas station or out. My mom always told me to bring water from home and an apple. None of this begging for food and drink while we are out. Kids these days are spoiled with their $2 bottles of water and $3+ candy bars and snacks whenever they get slightly thirsty or hungry while they’re out! 😝

  6. I caught it for the first time about a month ago. Was kinda like the flu, except I lost my sense of smell/taste for a couple days and tbh that was super scary

  7. Yes definitely seems slower. I felt like it should be 10pm ish when it was 8pm. Maybe it’s the nights getting darker earlier messing with our perception

  8. Today’s fish is trout a la crème, enjoy your meal.

  9. Lol what is it with the UK PMs? They’re always leaving or stepping down. Nobody willing to stay through the trials and tribulations! Yet over in America they’re always fighting against being impeached and trying to stay as long as possible!

  10. 👋 I was chubby before meeting my husband who has always been fit and had abs. I just didn’t know what I had to do in order to slim down. I now lift weights 5/6 days a week and eat way healthier, slimmed right down now have low bodyfat % and abdominal definition myself. A lot of the time it’s just about not knowing what you have to do to get results

  11. I used to have to lock all my stuff including dishes and frying pans in my room because if I didn’t I would go to work and when I came back to cook myself some dinner all my dishes would be used and dirty. My housemates would use my stuff and never wash any dishes. I left the dishes dirty one time to see what would happen and they just bought paper plates. Ridiculous. So yeah I just locked it all in my room. Amazing how lazy some people can be! Sorry you’re going through this I know what it’s like. Just lock everything up

  12. Nothing shakes off homosexual thoughts more than a Yorkie

  13. Diet Coke tastes nothing like full fat Coke, and I prefer it that way.

  14. Agreeee! I hate that thick syrupy film that sticks to your teeth from a full sugar Coke! Diet Coke however is delicious to me!

  15. “Ya gotta see the babyyyyyyy!”

  16. To be fair the bodyfat at the after picture is lower than at the bedore one. So it was basically a 4 year cut. But I never ever bulked. There is just no reason to. Check out jeff seids latest posts...he bulked and regretted it badly...

  17. Excellent transformation. I’m a female and I’m trying to gain lean muscle naturally and almost everyone is telling me to bulk but I’m still reluctant. I am happy with my bodyfat % and don’t want to get overly fluffy for no good reason if I can still build muscle without having to gain a lot of fat with it. Interesting to see your results from maingaining. I wonder if the majority of people just can’t stick to it long enough to see results before getting impatient

  18. I don’t like being the center of attention at parties or other occasions, giving speeches at for instance a wedding or family gathering etc. I don’t even like telling stories much like when someone says “oh you tell the story” - inside I’m like gahhh do I have to?

  19. How do these people know you don’t have a kid at home or a niece or nephew someone to give it to? You could have a sick child at home for all they know. I say keep it, and if anyone says anything to you guilt trip them by telling them you are giving it to your sick nephew. The guilt trip serves them right for thinking they know everyone. Noone should ever assume they know someone else’s situation like that.

  20. The majority of these comments are refreshingly wholesome.

  21. I need a meal prep if anyone can help. I just need to be told what to eat! I’m 5’4 a weigh 150 LBS. I fast every Monday and run 20-50 minutes 5 days a week. But I can’t seem to lose anymore weight. I think I need to eat better but I’m stoopid

  22. Increase your protein, track your macros. If you need to snack snack on something healthy and lower calorie like popcorn instead of chips

  23. I bumped my Apple Watch calorie goal up to 1000 from 900. Damnation, it’s hard to burn 1000 calories in a workout.

  24. Add in a little steady state cardio. I burn an extra 250 cals on days I do the elliptical for 30 mins at level 5

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