1. Oh I bet they are we should have my lips on one of them I love to play with them titties slap them with my cock

  2. Well do you now??? Well that's cool cuz I like younger of course and you look hot I take you anywhere with me I wish you were my girl

  3. Oh I would love to grab that tummy while I'm filling you full of my cock and cum deep inside you

  4. I would love to put my face between your thighs i can put it between your ass cheeks also

  5. Oh my we could have some fun together you could be my play toy also

  6. Well I wouldn't enjoy having you out for the evening take you to dinner then we'll go from there

  7. I would so love that and you can bounce on my tongue all you want.. you got one of those bodies that I couldn't get enough of I like to make you Daddy's Little girl

  8. I'd like to make you my personal little fuck toy!!!! You be my little slut so I can use you when and where I want to

  9. I'd love to play with them.... I want to suck and fuck those titties

  10. Well I could really help you with that young lady make you my little baby factory

  11. OMG they do! I love little titties they make me so freaking horny

  12. I would love to suck on them for you I also like to bury my face between your legs

  13. Damn that is hot if that was mine dripping out of you I'd lick it for you

  14. Yes I love your red hair and everything underneath it

  15. Well I definitely like to pound a little hot pussy of yours

  16. You're a very beautiful young lady anyway I want to scale of 1 to 12.5

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