1. Yeah. That and a lot of other things will prove to be big challenges if this gets popular. Especially since this is political. But any other sites face this as well. Like twitter and reddit for example.

  2. One way I can think of stopping spam is verifying that the user who signs up is an actual human with some kind of authentication ( so there are no bots to begin with)

  3. It's like looking into the mirror. Almost every fact in your post states about me, about a year ago.

  4. Booked in Jan got the car in May? That's a really long wait time!

  5. Service centers? Does anyone consider them outside city 🤔

  6. Why are they all looking away from the camera?

  7. For those who want more of his music, this cool dad is Malte Marten

  8. It almooosstt closed up at the end but unfortunately that's the whole video I had 🥲

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