1. "living in America can suck, but living somewhere else can suck even more!"

  2. No because we live in a cis white Herero patriarchy. It can’t get worse than that

  3. san felipe between metcalf and evergreen! my fave drive 😁

  4. Metcalf. Rd. Or the turn off the goes to the old UTC back entrance.

  5. Hate is a strong word. I've been to 42 states including Alabama several times, and there's just other states I'd rather go back and visit.

  6. What are the 8 states you have not been to?

  7. I guess because it’s one of the big racist southern states, or at least it has that reputation.

  8. I live in California. I doubt that my state is much less racist than any other state

  9. got downvoted for telling the truth truely a reddit moment

  10. Yeah he shouldn’t make 9/11 jokes, they’re just plane wrong

  11. imagine being the person who has to knock on this fuckers door to serve him his warrant or whatever

  12. Idiot probably pissed his pants at seeing the FBI on his doorstep and didn't even think to ask about a warrant before letting them in.

  13. Idiot? Maybe, or maybe nobody ever told him what to do in a situation like that, or maybe he thought that federal law enforcement was different. Who knows

  14. Well it's a good thing there aren't any nights where you don't drink then

  15. Hey you’re in sales too, don’t act like you’re not also an alcoholic

  16. I cope with weed. The extra anxiety from being high helps me pretend like I care

  17. You may have just inspired me. Thank you

  18. Hey I’m just a man of culture who cares about preserving traditional Reddit values. They’re important

  19. Because one of them is an image that they uploaded as their comment

  20. This is such a demeaning photo. All the whites standing while the only black man kneeling with a noose (collar) looking this around his neck.

  21. Oh I see. What does he mean by the baby stood up and clapped

  22. “And everyone clapped” is something that a lot of fake stories end with. So it was a joke

  23. Trump was responsible for the holocaust, the Armenian genocide, WW2, the Korean war, the Vietnam War, 9/11, the Arab Spring, the Crusades, the Islamic invasion of Spain, the formation of Israel, he was also responsible for driving the Jews out of Israel in the first place,in fact the Egyptians did nothing wrong; it was Trump who was responsible for enslaving the Jews. Trump is secretly a scaly and one day while he was wearing his snake suit he tricked Eve and told her to eat the apple. He also killed Abel. He also lead the Mongol invasions of everywhere. And the Hun invasions. And the Mughal invasions of India. And the Viking invasions.Trump was the guy who started colonialism(only the invading part not the part where they provided technology and medicine to the natives). After Trump tested positive for Covid19, he spit on Native Americans, nearly driving them extinct. Trump also killed all the dinosaurs. He was also behind the Bronze age collapse. Trump single-handedly did the Triangular Slave Trade; hell he was the guy Trump bought the slaves from. Trump also beheaded a French teacher for disrespecting Mohammad, and blamed it on wholesome Muslimerinos. All the blood diamonds are produced by Trump. He was the guy who cut Congolese workers hands off because they did not meet his supply. Trump chased Kyyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha with a skateboard and beat him up and snatched his rifle, and used it to kill Jacob Blake. During the BLM protests Trump was the one who looted and burned all the stores. Even during the Charolletsville incident, they were all shadow-clones of Trump. Trump did Pearl Harbor and bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Trump was the mastermind of the Holodomor, the Great Leap Forward, East Germany and every time a tankie screams "It was not real communism", Trump was involved. Trump grilled the last dodo. Trump shoots Palestinian kids for fun and shoots missiles at Israeli civilians. He was the guy who killed all those Rohingyas, and Uyghurs. He was also involved the current Hong Kong situation; so much involved that he was the one who sold opium to the Chinese. The Irish potato famine, Africa, the Bengal Famine; all because of Trump. Trump commits human rights violations on North Korean citizens everyday. Al Qaeda, Mujaheddin, Boko-Haram, Taliban; TRUMP. He also killed the prophet of the wholesome 100 Muslimerinos, Sulemani; in a missile strike. He also did the Rape of Nanjing and it was Trump who ordered and supplied all the Korean comfort women. Trump personally snitched on Anne Frank to Trump. The Jim Crow laws were passed by Trump, as well as the war on drugs. The partition of India was Trump's fault, as well as the resulting Kashmir issue. He also starred in the Cuban missile crisis and started the cold war. During the Russian Revolution, the peasants understood that Nikolai II's family was innocent, and would offer them a chance to leave, but Trump massacred them. Trump tried his best but failed in preventing the American and French Revolutions, but he got back at them by causing the Reign of Terror. Trump tortured Louis XVI's son and forced him into saying that he had sex with his mother and aunt, and promptly guillotined them. Trump invented pineapple-pizza and Tofu-Chicken. He was the guy who snitched on Alan Turing, revealing that he was gay. The judge felt that such a respected professor could be sent away with a slap on the wrist, but Trump rigged the jury and sentenced him to hormonal therapy. Trump rigged the New York Stock Exchange and caused the great depression. In the town of Waco, he raped a woman, blamed it on a black man and lynched him by burning him alive. He was the leader of the Khmer Rouge and wrote the plot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Despite making up only 3.0211238398812703164724804575659e-7 % of the population Donald Trump commits 100% of the crimes. Trump also was the dictator of Uganda. Trump regularly kills journalists and opposition leaders in Russia. He was behind Princess Diana's car crash. Trump fucked a monkey and started the AIDS pandemic. He started coronavirus and ebola and the Black Death and the Spanish flu and the Bubonic plague and the syphillis outbreak and the Trojan war and tthe Bush war and the fall of Rome and the Dark Ages. After taking a dump, Trump leaves his toilet paper

  24. If the culture is horrible, that’s the company’s fault. As for the customers? You gotta learn to go with the flow, cuz that’s the only way to not lose your mind

  25. Is it really though? Or is it just a bunch of people thinking they're too cool for emoji's, for some weird reason?

  26. At least 173 people disagree, but thanks for sharing your opinion

  27. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 mus suck don’t it😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Not as cool as living in America, the greatest country in the world

  29. If you ever want to have a laugh when people say "Reddit is further Left than [x]", show them the top comments on this thread.

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