1. We got the Tao and the Yoi as a single target , but Only Diluc as an AoE dps (Klee is just not as good) .

  2. I'm not used to reading LNs. Maybe I should finish the Manga first?

  3. Sure both are good take your time but i am saying that because the LN is more detailed.

  4. Yeah, it was great. Although I wasn't able to finish it. I was reading it on a website that was translating it to english and they just kind of stopped around the time Cid was digging for buried treasure. It was around the time Cid and Alpha had their falling out and fought.

  5. I don’t think double hydro is even the strongest variant. It’s probably like hutao yelan sucrose tohma

  6. The strongest Hutao team is still elegy Amber/Sucrose/XQ

  7. how soon do yall think we'll get triple banners? i mean, it's inevitable right?

  8. Yep! I do think that he is a bit too negative and should accept with more confidence the success he achieved, but at the same time it also made me realise how much effort he put into his work to reach this level. From how he said that you need to actively look for jobs and not just wait passively, to how he keeps singing despite apparently not liking it much, to suggesting changes to a script to improve its translation...and of course, the part where he's recording Levi's lines is the apex of his work as a seiyuu. His approach to his work shown in that documentary was very inspiring

  9. Rigs lottery to pick Hero. Picks perky sorceress. Picks creepy priest because his dads on the chair-board. Broadcasts via invisible crystal ball their adventures. Including the hero bonning the girl the very first night.

  10. Yoimiya actually has a unique character model, not the teenage one. And she’s certainly not lacking in that department so kind of a strange example to use lol

  11. Interesting, does that work for Kazuha too if he infuses his Q?

  12. Used the genshin website to top up, but apparently I can only access the crystals from the mobile version instead of PS5.

  13. Which is the best generalist 5-star weapon for each weapon type? Name only one per type.

  14. Supposedly, at the interview stage, not only had he meticulously researched the club's history/current situation and tactics...but he'd also looked into the town, the population etc as well

  15. Why not implementing it permanently...

  16. The translation team got no musical talent. I hope Da Wei fix this because this is really going to hurt Hu Tao's banner.

  17. Also, most of the time I gear the tank first. If they die it's over

  18. U guys prefer Xingqiu or Yelan in Alhaitham's party? I was using Yelan, but since I'm used to a shielder, i notice Xingqiu's interruption resistance does help with keeping Alhaitam going and not getting knocked around.

  19. Yelan is better cuz she applies less hydro than XQ, which helps maintain the quicken aura.

  20. I hate to argue with you. But I legit don’t use the META teams and I can clear 36. Maybe its because I just have good synergy or better rotations

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