1. Then why is it only peaking in France and not in other countries where Babylon is also just coming out (you know Babylon came out in December ONLY in North America, right?)

  2. It’s not a Hollywood jerkoff it’s mostly a criticism of Hollywood institutions. The movie loves the cinema and movies in general not big companies and I would hope most people on this sub could agree with that and aren’t just here to look at dollar amounts. Have you even seen the movie pal?

  3. I don’t understand the US ratings system. The conjuring is an R, but is a 15 here. But the descent is an R, but in the UK it’s an 18, which is your NC-17 - so to you guys’ rating system, the conjuring is is just as accessible as the descent, the devils rejects, hills have eyes or evil dead 2013? That seems crazy to me.

  4. An 18 is not really an equivalent to NC-17. Movies released as NC-17 can’t even play in most theatres in the US. It almost never happens whereas movies are released as 18s in the UK all the time.

  5. Every single no-17 movie I just saw after googling it were shown in the uk as 18s

  6. It’s a different thing though, an 18 rating in the UK does not have an equivalent affect on a movie that an NC-17 has on a movie in the US. The UK doesn’t really have an equivalent tbh maybe it would be R18 which is pretty much used for porn in the UK.

  7. Unfortunately, and it will continue to stay that way if the community doesn’t take measures towards obvious misogyny on this platform

  8. A movie that is in between mainstream and art house with high concept sci-fi, lots of action, fast pacing, exciting visuals and a unique sense of humour sounds like it would fit in perfectly for this demographic. It’s accessible and not very ambiguous or abstract and it’s done without being dumbed down too much, it is ideal for a list like this.

  9. Maybe leave Schindlers list for another time

  10. At least Schindler’s List is ultimately a hopeful film about someone doing good in one of the worst situations the world has ever seen, No Country for Old Men is just 100% percent cynical and nihilistic (thanks Cormac McCarthy).

  11. Hot take: his movies were always just about killing women on screen in the most misogynistic way possible

  12. I just meant visually dated. The clothes mostly.

  13. Well it’s set in 2008 so it’s gonna look like it’s 2008 haha. It’s like saying The Kings Speech looks dated because they are wearing clothes from the 30s. Of course it looks like that.

  14. Yes, that's what 'looks dated' means.

  15. Then why would you consider that a negative? Usually when someone says some form of media is dated they are saying it has aged badly or is outdated.

  16. Okay mate coming on a little strong for a pretty harmless post from almost a year ago lol, work for the BBFC or something haha. Maybe you are right and it’s an error but you can go onto the BBFC website and see it says The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was rated 18 and has a classified date of 19/02/2014.

  17. Oh, I’m sorry, were millenials the one who were responsible for Jim Crow and all the other terrible shit?!

  18. Who do you think helped to repealed Jim Crow as well though? Cos it definitely was not millennials haha. Lumping everyone from a generation together is stupid and childish. Some were good some were bad.

  19. Okay then gonna throw out some numbers here, someone can fill in/correct them.

  20. There’s 20 ish other Spielberg movies not included in that list though including some high grossing movies so I still don’t see anyone beating that record for a long time.

  21. As of 2020, 62 million or 18.7% of residents of the United States of America identified as Hispanic or Latino.

  22. Well that’s a less than 10% difference from what the first comment says, the comment was wrong but it’s not really a significant difference. Not like it has to be exact to the decimal point. 8.7% off seems like a perfectly reasonable range.

  23. It’s not really double it’s probably less than double but even if it is double it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Anyway being double doesn’t automatically make it significant, 2 is double 1 doesn’t make it a big number something. Does it really matter about the single person who would need to be nominated to make it closer to the demographics? Actually not even a single person, would have be 87% of a person haha. Which would also mean another demographic would now be 13% underrepresented so your never gonna be exact.

  24. I'm not saying that a movie is a brainless treat, and personally I love watching movies just as much as I love reading. Hell I met my wife at a film studies class while at college.

  25. What “measurable, tangible long term benefits” does reading a book have that’s so much better than what film has exactly? I don’t really know what you mean.

  26. Beau is Afraid is almost 100% guaranteed to do exactly that. Ari Aster and A24 in general already have a cult following online so as long as the film is good it’s guaranteed to be popular among that crowd. Then considering the running time and that all Asters other movies have been pretty slow paced and disturbing I don’t really see this connecting with the general audience enough to make back a $60 million budget.

  27. Yep, it is. I may be wrong but I feel like it’s his most talked about movie? Or maybe I’m in the wrong circle of people lol

  28. It’s probably the most notorious film he’s made because of the content and because it won the Palme D’or but it’s definitely not the most talked about/popular Cronenberg. It wasn’t reviewed very well and it wasn’t financially successful but it’s been getting more popular recently with film buffs and the Letterboxd type crowd.

  29. This only demonstrates that a BIPOC artist is capable of giving a superb performance and receiving praise from both the critics and the audience. campaigned and put in the most effort. followed the script but might end up being passed over in favour of a white actress at the last minute. These actors and actresses (who promoted/tweeted about Risborough) will claim to be allies in front of a crowd, but they still hold deeply held prejudices that support this.

  30. Well out of the 25 acting nominations 7 of the nominees are minorities which is about 30%. The United States is around 60% white and 40% minority groups so really that seems about right to me no? It’s never gonna be exactly right sometimes minorities will be over represented sometimes slightly under represented but this years line up seems perfectly within an acceptable range to me.

  31. Broadway shows do this all the time and nobody bats an eye. Movies over 2.5 hrs could build an intermission into it. Just sayin…

  32. Yeah but even in the big broadway theatres there’s generally only gonna be one showing at one time so only one crowd to deal with.

  33. Reduce the amount of previews at the beginning. We’re only talking about 5 minutes.

  34. You’re talking about screenings that can be filled with hundreds of people no way all those people are gonna be able to go to the bathroom and get concessions in a 15 minute intermission. So either your dealing with a like 25+ minute intermission which is obviously just kinda ridiculous or you’ll have everyone in the theatre rushing to try go to the bathroom or get food first so they don’t miss the film.

  35. And I always feel like a crazy person being the only one annoyed at how many there are in his movies.

  36. I mean most of his movies that feature that kind of language are based on or inspired by real people and real stories and in real life those Italian gangsters or Wall Street yuppies really did just talk like that. It’s just accurate to how they acted.

  37. This is the response I usually get and for me personally it just doesn't outweigh how annoying it is. I would give him permission to sacrifice a little bit of authenticity if the little bit being sacrificed was the fact that these people use any word that frequently.

  38. Well I think sacrificing authenticity to make bad people and dark stories more polite or palatable is the exact opposite of what a director like Martin Scorsese would choose to do.

  39. Not really haha. There have been 2 Avatar movies in the last 13 years and others planned with 2 year gaps in between them, Avatar has left plenty of breathing room for other films.

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