I spent 6 hrs making this 30 sec clip :>

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  1. I don't like the back to back fight with Radagon before this fight, and as many have pointed out before, it feels like Torrent should have been availiable for this fight, would have been so much cooler to suddenly have him appear maybe with an added attack or something unique to this fight

  2. Obligatory reposting of my theory.

  3. I assumed the flower before her boss room was Milicent, returning to give whatever it was, her fighting spirit , or something to Malenia.. iirc Milicent outfit is there ..

  4. I also thought the same about millicent, and exactly lol that elevator seemed useless

  5. 😇😞😣😖😩😠😡🤬🦾🤖

  6. I have a serious question. Do you enjoy the game like this? Srsly, you turned one of the best fights in the game into the most boring one. I mean sure if you enjoy it then all good for you but how is this fun for you? Is really just beating the boss the goal?

  7. sure, this is my brother's game his first, I found the way he found to defeat it interesting, my game was full Str and I enjoyed it a lot, sorry if I bother you

  8. I think you probably need more words / better punctuation for us to understand what you're trying to say

  9. Sorry for not expressing myself correctly

  10. ¿A qué parte de Zapopan? Zapopan es más grande que Guadalajara, una vez fui del centro de Zapopan al aeropuerto en 2 camiones. Me salió como en 20 pesos pero tardé como 2 horas.

  11. A zapopan por donde esta la unidad deportiva paseos del sol

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