whenever I see a car with a ticket I chuck it in the bin so the driver doesn't have to pay. What act of kindness do you do for strangers?

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  1. The 11400f doesn’t have onboard graphics so I would imagine it’d be impossible to use anything but the gpu

  2. 11400f is just the model of CPU. Is it a full PC you have or a gaming laptop?

  3. Update. It’s been over a week now I’m all the way off afrin breathing through my nose normally! For anyone struggling to quit, only the first 48 hours were miserable after that the pressure was tolerable. After 72 hours air starts flowing and it’s not %100 comfortable but definitely easy sailing compared to the first 24 hours. You can do it

  4. You should for sure talk to a doctor about this, but just out of curiosity, if you got one to heal using the one-nostril method then why wouldn’t you do that again and then transition to the other nostril once the one had healed? That’s the method I used.

  5. Because I’m over using it and didn’t want to buy another bottle to be tempted with I’ll just suffer for a few days it’s been about 55 hours now and it’s not unbearable anymore I can breathe through one nostril now

  6. For those who didn’t notice FB did censor this for misinformation. I don’t think Taylor thinks 5 year olds are getting hormone blockers, it’s just an exaggeration to say giving them to anyone who is t an adult is not okay.

  7. Well five year olds are getting puberty blockers and stay on them for most of their schooling years. Its absolutely horrifying and totally child abuse but some states like California are practically begging you to do it

  8. I have 2 with between 700-1,000 rounds through them and apparently I got a set of “good ones”. People read something on the internet that someone else experienced and suddenly they’re experts on the matter..

  9. I had personal experience got some bad ones and at the price they are it’s not worth the gamble to get a good one

  10. Because plat 1s is full of diam/champs 2s, like D2/D3/C1 in 1s as lot of GC 2s (like me), most of player base doesn't play 1s or not much game every season, so ranking up is harder

  11. Ah so they’re not actually play they just got placed there by the ranking system. Still frustrating because the actual plat players I can beat a lot of the time but then I run in to one of those guys and get my ass kicked

  12. really doesn’t look that dangerous to others

  13. Keeping up with trends? I wish. Glock is always 10 years behind a trend then act like they invented it.

  14. I always press the button when I walk past a pelican crossing, just to make sure they're safe and working.

  15. As an American, wtf is a pelican crossing? Y’all got pelicans there?

  16. If you plan on carrying it with the shield arms mags you might as well just throw it at them. Seriously throw them in the range bag and only use them there, they’re barely good for that even.

  17. It’s squid season! Take that shit off helmet and gloves is all you need ;)

  18. Don't forget the flipflops, tank top, and shorts!

  19. I grabbed my gun before going on a trip to the grocery store (which has a no gun policy) to grab some milk. My girlfriend asked me “why do you always have to bring your gun” I simply replied “you won’t be asking me that when I do need it” this story is a perfect example of why I always carry when going out in public areas

  20. Olive oil or coconut oil can be used safely as lube. 🌈 🎶 the more we know

  21. I feel like the smell of olive oil would be very distracting

  22. Carry the 19x because 19+1 rounds of hollow point, also it’s the only pistol I have atm

  23. To be honest i dont think taylor would care he wants a kid. Also the democrats are using this to not lose midterms and if they will smart they would try and pass a constitional amendment to make abortion and constitional right.

  24. Yeah I’m not super stoked about the timing of this, now everyone that might have voted republican next election because they see how poorly this administration has done throwing our economy in the dumpster is now going to vote off emotion again “they banned abortions that’s all I care about” even though that’s not what over turning this means

  25. As a non Christian conservative I don’t care either and it feels Hypocritical for them to push their beliefs on people when they don’t want others to push their beliefs on them. I don’t want you to push all the pc gender lgbtq stuff on me but at the end of the day I don’t care what you do it’s your choice and I have nothing against you. This is America land of the free, let people do what they want.

  26. Anyone know where this is? Or what bridge?

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