1. We’re the same height, I weigh 94 lbs and I have high cholesterol too, so high that my doctor started me on meds for it. I don’t do any sort of fats or junk food complete orthorexic, apparently it’s common among restrictive anorexics.

  2. I live in MI & am severely underweight so I feel the cold to my bones and it takes me hours to warm back up 🥲 portable heaters are my best friends

  3. I tell people I starve myself. It was well received in the beginning but as I lost more and more weight now people just look at me with pity ☹️

  4. This weekend is my birthday! I’ve been eyeing this pie store in my city for months now, and finally took the plunge and bought a 35$ pie! I know that’s a huge amount to spend on just a pie but I’ve heard so many good things and I’m so excited!

  5. I paid an embarrassing amount of money to have Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding and cookies to be delivered to me no judgement whatsoever! Happy birthday to you!!!

  6. Tell me, is it worth it? I'm in VA and have been eyeing some delivery packs too but I'm afraid to pay $50+ just to have them show up here all icky. What did you think?!

  7. The banana pudding the OG flavor & the red velvet flavor were to die for but I wouldn’t personally order the cookies again, over all still worth it.

  8. They have a butterscotch blondie flavor that is top fricking notch

  9. Weight loss. Microblading my brows, and investing in Asian skincare & monthly facials.

  10. I work an office job with long hours I can barely walk

  11. I feel this in my soul. My starting weight was even higher than yours, I am now underweight and I can tell you, more than anything I’ve received compliments about how great I look. This world sucks. I hope you get better ❤️

  12. Brain fog, I swear I’ve become a total idiot, bone chilling cold literally frigid to my core, and the insomnia.

  13. They butterscotch blondie one is my fav

  14. I used to be so thin at one point I would basically never sweat even when exercising and had no B.O ever. Not gross but the fucked part is I was proud of it. Reality is my body must have been severely dehydrated.

  15. Omg this is me rn I never sweat anymore

  16. I live in America and I too, am confused.

  17. Hey friend OMAD volume eater here as well 👋🏻

  18. Veggies: used to be snap peas and carrots now im obsessed with steamed broccoli and cauliflower Fruits: omg everything literally everything canteloupe watermelon berries but now it’s plums all day long

  19. Hopefully getting some new jewelry for my rook piercing and ordered some of the famous magnolia banana pudding cuz it was half off! (only to pay $25 for shipping 😅🥲) but today is a treat urself day I deserve it I’ve had a hell of a week

  20. It’s a promo they’re running now!

  21. I didn’t know they were gonna have a sale :( I just placed an order

  22. I really struggle when I have long days at work and I'm trying to restrict. By the end of the day I'm exhausted, can barely think, and irritable as heck. When I get home all I can do is collapse. Like I don't know why I can't just make things easier for myself and actually eat enough to sustain me? I'd be so much happier

  23. Or all the shopping I do to distract myself from eating

  24. I’m OCD. I always wash my hands between my oil cleansing step and regular cleansing step. Your hands carry remnants of sunscreen/makeup/oil.

  25. Omelettes, burgers, pasta, pastries 🥲

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