1. Redirect! If he is looking for a way to interact with his brother, give him jobs like getting a diaper or showing him how to touch baby gently. If it's an attention thing, teach him to call your name or tap on you. Whenever big brother interacts with baby appropriately, make it a big deal, lots of praise and lots of attention. It'll end up being more beneficial to interact gently then rough

  2. I wouldn't share my wine... She is 9 months

  3. Fall photos here you order ahead and spring photos they print up and send home. If you don't want them you return them. Such a waste in my opinion. My son knows not to even bring the spring photos home he just returns them right away haha. With cameras now and accessibility to frequent photos it's an outdated practice in general

  4. Ha I love it! I got an email saying I can order ahead - but I think all of you are helping me be ok with not ordering (more) photos this year lol

  5. Photos in general are PTA fundraisers there are better ways to support your school

  6. I'm not sure how old you are but this is so unfortunate and traumatic. My own mother was very similar, she didn't put forth the effort to be a mother and my "basic needs" were met so of course she didn't understand.

  7. This largely depends on where you live. I would look at min wage and add at least 3 to 4 dollars an hour. Where I live the going rate is about 20 to 25. There are regional nanny/babysitting groups on Facebook that might have more specific information for your area.

  8. I loved their program! While it varies between classes I would say I spent on average an hour a day so like 5 to 7 hours per week. I had been in the field awhile already and honestly it was not as labor intensive as they claim while applying. I also thrive on self led learning so if you need more structure might want to look at something else.

  9. Anyone who says something like this hasn't happened to them, is lying. Lol. Our poor children! Haha.

  10. One of my favourite quotes is "bottle fed or breast fed, we've all smacked our kids heads loading them into the car" 😂😂

  11. While if is inappropriate or not really is a culture thing. Our family chooses not to because of the virus and even cavities can be passed from parent to child.

  12. Have you spoken to your pediatrician? We had this and it ended up being silent reflux.

  13. I don’t understand…how do you skip the undergrad step? Multiple people have mentioned this and I sort of thought one was contingent on the other…?

  14. BCaBA is not a prerequisite of a BCBA it's just extra step. They both require a coursework sequence. The BCBA sequence is only a couple more classes and gives you the post grad degree. If you choose to do both then you have to do clinical hours twice

  15. I have found that job titles are misleading as there is not standard across companies. Does this mean. You'll be the director position or more like supervising RBTs?

  16. They really should be sued for their clear attempts to withhold services.

  17. I'm honestly shocked they haven't been sued yet.... ALTHOUGH, I think if you join the military there's some sort of stipulation that you can never sue the military (with extreme or insane circumstances).

  18. Have you tried communicating with him about this issue? It seems like it makes the most sense for him to do night stuff since falling back asleep is no problem. So why not just ask him to take that responsibility?

  19. Haha I thought it was clear but he does do night stuff we both were awake because I can't sleep through the baby monitor. She isn't doing anything wrong by being able to fall asleep when he chooses. My body just betrays me.

  20. It’s something we’re currently looking into! We’re looking into the best options for our house and what we want out of a camera. AT & T apparently has discounts for law enforcement but I’m just getting the run around about it from them.

  21. This is off topic but Att was a nightmare to get the discount! Made sure the account was in my partners name (he is the one in law enforcement) and sent in the verification like 3 times and each year the contract renews we have to do it again. I bet most just say forget it and pay full price so they don't actually have to honor the discount

  22. What is another leisure skill your family would accept as socially valid? Add a few of those skills, and also make this whole thing a parent training goal.

  23. This is the answer. Write a goal for parents to teach a skill using a task analysis and then that skill happens to be riding a bike

  24. We love our kinder for the size and the lining is way easier to clean than the alva

  25. My girls are big and they physically outgrew fully enclosed sleep sacks before they outgrew liking/needing them. The solution I came up with was to take their unused flat sheets (it had a pattern they LOVED) and have a friend use them to make sleep sacks.

  26. Oh no!!! Modern problems haha. With my oldest I only had a sound monitor so it never crossed my mind

  27. My issue with the BDS modules was that I started to memorize answers to questions not the concepts if that makes sense.

  28. Please tell me we aren't gentrifying being undocumented. Why make your child's life so much harder than it needs to be

  29. The last two weeks I have seen most of these back in stock (we use hypoallergenic) almost a 180 from last month. Fingers crossed this is the trend!

  30. Knowing nothing really about your client there is no judgement from me. Just a suggestion to remember to consider that as analysts we should never expect more from a client than we would their peers, even if they are advanced. Remember to ask yourself if this is a medically necessary intervention or if this is something they could learn in a less restrictive more natural environment with their peers.

  31. There's BCBAs that work outside of therapeutic interventions, working on pushing the boundaries of human capability and advancing children "for their age." This is a 4 year old who's looking at keeping a diary and setting long term goals, so he's either a triplet or quad kid (advancing 3 times or 4 times as fast as their peers respectively).

  32. We are bound to our ethics code regardless of who is paying

  33. Welp it's just another example of how TLC doesn't understand satire

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