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  1. Hey, if you're interested in helping us I sent a DM with more info.

  2. This is such a great idea I will be reaching out, as a professional with 5years of experience I would love to share the stages early on in my career.

  3. Hey, I sent you a DM with more info if you're interested.

  4. Where are you? I would do some pro bono stuff.

  5. We're at ASU, however, if you're not near there, you can still help look over the design remotely. I sent a DM if that interests you.

  6. I’m a dirty engineer but I would love to help, I went through the same project and it was hell, I would have loved yelp

  7. Hey, I sent a DM if you're interested in helping us build the thing remotely.

  8. Bearing in mind that it's impossible to see the full breadth and depth of post-singularity possibilities...

  9. Why would it matter if your friends stayed in the real world. You could re-create them in vr or better yet, create a new group of people that are perfectly designed for you. People that play off your sense of humor well, people that don’t bore you, people who have interesting conflicts with you. Real post singularity VR would be the truest kind of freedom there is and there wouldn’t be any reason to abandon it because reality wouldn’t be special anymore

  10. It's not so much about the thing itself as it is your subjective valuation of it.

  11. I can definitely understand sticking to reality (or any number of things) because "there's something about it" even when the other options should theoretically be better. However, I'd be cautious about making yourself belive that the choice is an inherent part of who you are because it makes it pretty much impossible to look at things with an open mind.

  12. You can disable it so it only shows the number of patrons. You can still do the math for how much one makes at a minimum but it won't be shown outright.

  13. He only has one tier of support (10 dollars). So combining that with the fact that he has 2.3k patrons makes the math pretty easy.

  14. Looking at OP's responses it's pretty clear that he's not willing to take criticism. Chances are that you are not as good as you think you are and if the other presentation's got engagement but yours didn't, then maybe consider that it wasn't as interesting as it should've been. How much you practice doesn't matter if the presentation bores the audience

  15. Even in cases like this, the death penalty is not the best sentence. It won't solve anything and just lower the state to the same low point as the murderers.

  16. How does the death penalty “lower the state to the same low point as the murderers”? Torturing and killing your own daughter is very different from killing the man who tortured and killed his daughter. And considering that they had plenty of time to feel guilt in the 2 fucking years they tortured her but continued on anyways, I’d say it’s fair to assume they don’t feel too bad about what they did.

  17. Its better than great, it is one of the best written games of all time (its not Disco Elysium, so it cant be the best), and is a technological marvel. Night City is unlike anything ever seen in gaming before or since. No game (that I have played) has had such a human story, has had such life like characters.

  18. Took the words out of my mouth. So many aspects of Cyberpunk's presentation (eg. how the characters move during cutscenes, how music is incorporated into scenes, the sheer depth of the architectural design of night city) are SEVERELY underappreciated due to its poor release.

  19. pretty srue datamining has confirmed the first expansion will be about Pacifica and the combat zone

  20. bro why does everyone freak out about using CP like this is a fucking cyberpunk subreddit what else would he be talking about

  21. I think he's aiming for an April 1st release.

  22. 2,3 and 4 definitely make it seem like the video is almost ready. I'm not sure he really has a reason to release on April first though cause he said he wants to do a separate video for that on Twitter a while ago

  23. He said on twitter that he ended up not having much to say on Gwent so Otto just be lumped into another section

  24. Graphics - Yeah, masterpiece. Cyberpunk aesthetic - Yeah, it's a masterpiece in capturing the feel of the genre.

  25. A piece of media doesn't have to do everything perfectly for it to be considered a masterpiece. Usually what people mean by it is that the media (CP2077 in this case) really resonated with them and did a few things they care about incredibly well.

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