1. All I’m thinking while watching this is “if it’ll suck down that log, it’ll suck down people.”

  2. Wood has positive buoyancy. I don’t.

  3. I’d panic. There’s no way I’m not panicking. Panic = breathing out and trying to breathe in water…

  4. If he’s not well, he should be rested.

  5. If those Conservatives could read, they'd be very upset.

  6. If they could read, they probably wouldn’t be conservative…

  7. And at the same time they have one of the highest death rates from drugs in Europe, high rates of mental health issues and suicides.

  8. Enjoy your happiness and let’s hope Putin won’t invade you guys, too.

  9. Is that what klay thought he was doing last night?

  10. “Can’t say too much, but German scientists are great” -USA after WW2

  11. The best German doctors suck! At least for Germans. They’ll only treat privately insured people for the extra money and aren’t at their own practice more than 50% of the time. They’re flying all around the world to treat patients or give seminars.

  12. Forcing people to work…there’s a term for that…

  13. Well, you know - social markets only work efficiently, if the social part is also regulated.

  14. Crisis actor. You can’t get shot if the doors are closed and you have a bucket to protect you from wokenesss…

  15. Everything looks amazing, except for the chicken. Is it poached chicken?

  16. Recipe I was following said, finish roast at 400°F until skin is crispy, about 5 minutes. It's been 15 minutes and we were hungry hahahahahahaha.

  17. Ugh. At least poached chicken has some amazing recipes, at least in Chinese cuisine.

  18. We absolutely need to revise how we think about crime. White collar crime and abuse of positions of authority are much more degrading to the fabric of society than some mentally ill person who attacks someone they see on the street.

  19. They gave harsher sentences to crack dealers than cocaine dealers because according to them, crack ruins people’s lives and their families.

  20. Onions are good for inflammation, I make onion soup when my family is sick. There is no point to eat them raw or do it every day and it will in no way prevent illness.

  21. Vitamin C is directly correlated with the immune system functioning at higher levels. At least that’s what my doctor told me.

  22. This is because of the woke movement.

  23. Would they though? Which part of that wouldn't they be proud of?

  24. Birth defects and inherited disabilities.

  25. You’re not supposed to post pics of actual shit!

  26. Stupid Nazi. I Love how you can see the incel energy in his weak chin and dead eyes.

  27. Jesus dude, this is some serious rage. He did some seriously fucked up shit, but does not deserve that level of animosity; especially considering that he unsubscribed from life over this.

  28. So, you want to absolve him of his shitty crimes because he killed himself because he couldn’t bear the shame?

  29. What you mean neighbors? Ain't no one living in NYC neighbors with cops who live in Suffolk County.

  30. Amadou diallo was a beloved neighbor of many New Yorkers. The cops shot him 58 times.

  31. Sorry, I misunderstood your point. I was saying cops aren't neighbors of anyone because they all love outside the city, you were saying people don't snitch because the cops will shoot their neighbors

  32. I’m sorry for leaving anything open to interpretation. English isn’t my native tongue.

  33. They should be in PRISON. We are actually moving backwards. This is insanity.

  34. They thought they were just really short people from Guatemala or somewhere. Their papers were written up in crayon, but they thought nothing of it.

  35. I don’t see a problem. I’m blinded by the money I made off these children’s misery.

  36. Your sources are rightwing trash sites.

  37. I Hope you get investigated by child protective services for endangering your child.

  38. The kid in the first picture looks about 3 seconds away from getting double-foot punted.

  39. Yeah, the parents of that kid need to be investigated by child protective services.

  40. Don’t argue with op’s maga logic.

  41. You’re a Russian troll farm bot, huh?!?

  42. Can they finally pass a law that prohibits Fox News from calling itself a news network?

  43. Gotta protect children from being aborted so they can be put to use in the workforce!

  44. And statutory raped by the Boebert klan.

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