1. How's the smell on the way back home?

  2. the smell mixed with the winding roads made everyone in the car nauseous. lol it was great

  3. Please remember to post a short paragraph as a comment in the post explaining your photo or link. Ideally at least 150 characters with trip details. Tell us something about your trip. How long did it take to get there? How did you get there? How was the weather that day? Would you go back again?

  4. we traveled into smokey mountain national park and drove through the tail of the dragon to get there. it was awesome! the first day was a little rough with 6 miles up hill, but after that it was super fun.

  5. If this is at a gym I’m genuinely shocked that the old guys wearing pants.

  6. Personally I’d say nahhhh. Can always just evolve tympole

  7. your teammate was looking for the pass back, which is obvious. however, as soon as he sees that you can follow up your touch, he should leave it. especially since he can’t see the whole field behind him and had to wait for the ball to catch up to him.

  8. I am fluent in gibberish: “It is a possibility. I had bad allergies so I took meds and Now I am sleepy”

  9. you are a genius. i think it is actually that. i’ll ask her in the morning…if she remembers lol

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