1. Yes, exactly! I didn't make this meme, I just saw it on another platform, stole it and posted it to my favourite subreddit. I can't credit the original creator, so I just say that it's not mine!

  2. Thank you! I've been wondering what it means for a while. It is a great post though!

  3. An eighth is 3.5g, was just giving you a ballpark range suggestion of where to start.

  4. Thank you! Yeah a tea spoon maybe is kinda a lot. I'm grateful for your advice, helped a ton. I'll test it by slowly raising the dose until I find a good fit

  5. Keyword: slowly raise the dose. Respect the kratom and it’ll respect you back.

  6. Thank you🥰 okay I'll do it real slow. I've been in pain with my knees for over half a year and this was the first day that i didn't feel pain. Only negative side effect i felt was a lot of sweating and heat. So it probably was a bit too much, I'll start low and work up😊

  7. Yea it is what it is. I eyeball all my doses so it happens to me a lot lol. Usually two big pinches with my hand into a cup. Usually has me set for the whole day then withdraw wakes me up in the morning like an alarm clock and I repeat the cycle lol

  8. I take like two tea spoons of fine powder. Is that a lot? Should I try to take a smaller dose?

  9. Depends what kind of material the shirt is made of

  10. No one has to gaf about his opinion either, his issue is his alone. Remove yourself from the area or mind your own business.

  11. I have a few scattered around my house. It lets me navigate the rooms at night without turning on the main lights. They also double as flashlights during a power outage.

  12. Stick it through "picturethis" app

  13. I've had disappointing results with the I'd apps. Most of the time they don't work

  14. Looks like some kind of poop actually...

  15. To attach them at first apply some really watery muddy clay. Then scratch it. Then apply

  16. I tried killing one but i couldnt harvest/skin it

  17. He became your friend that's why. You gotta kill em young before your character gets attached to them

  18. What can i do with 4 adults tho?

  19. I was kidding, sorry😂 i would suggest you breed them and kill the old ones or if you have a lot of one gender ect. I think it's a glitch that you can't harvest them

  20. You can still grow strawberries easily, and they don't die in the winter. Just buy seeds or plant a strawberry

  21. Wife's a ceramicist/pottery instructor your form is great on the actual mug but can definitely bulk up the handle and make sure it's a bit larger than youd want it because of the shrink rate after its fired.

  22. OMG, that's a great hand built pot! You should be quite happy with getting a pot like that third time around, and hand building. You might enjoy this video, and you might enjoy some of this channel's other videos as well. She does some great hand building and decorating stuff mixed in with her wheel work:

  23. Zoom in on the pot. I am concerned about whatever substance is in there.

  24. I don't understand and am just trying to learn. Not trying to be offensive. But my question is why don't non verbal autistic people talk?

  25. Right of course because grown men are the only ones being horribly affected by the war in Ukraine

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