can you guys wish me a happy birthday? I turn 28 today.

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  1. Happy Birthday to you! Much love an support!

  2. Nano fabrication engineer along with that I'm doing my masters in mechanical engg. Pervious worked for support, before that teaching robotics and python. Partime embedded systems engineer.

  3. Electron beam lithography engineer. cutting edge stuff I'm enjoying it.

  4. It's cold and you meet fewer people. Blame it on the weather.

  5. Suoer proud of you! i joined masters this sem, unable to study and unable to keep up!. Any specific tips that might help?

  6. Hey have you heard of cuddlist before? You can actually hire a professional to hold and love you. It might sound a little weird but I think it’s a beautiful and noble pursuit. Maybe give it a try and see if a session can give you some energy to keep going ❤️

  7. My country may not have them , but will check it out.

  8. Congratulations! Just joining my masters program.

  9. If only i could relate to this 💞. Ones with good mothers you are all lucky beyond comprehension.

  10. Everyone everything ! I just feel like everyone is going to leave me! But hang in there stay strong much love towards you.

  11. I could read it completely, I'm about breakdown. stay in there stay strong 💪. Much love

  12. I'm a m27, my parents never touched me nor anyone comforted me. I struggle with touch and being close. But over a period I'm slowly working on it. Start slow hand shakes, briefly a longer handshake, hugs and in general I'm slowly understanding not to associate of being emotionally and physically abandoned at very young age.

  13. Very proud of you! Loads of love coming at ya 😁

  14. Yup. To the point that if someone was interested in me, I assumed there’s something wrong with them.

  15. I'm laughed but not at the comment but at myself for having the same thoughts.

  16. Very true, I just can't progress to a physical relationship. I tend to freeze up and if I'm flirting later on I end up dumping my info on my trauma on them. NO relationships NO sex I'm 27m and killed my own confidence because of bad relationships i went got modelled after.

  17. Im surrounded by people and still feel lonely since the emotional intimacy I need is not what I get. Bit selfish yes but I understand the people around me cannot fill in the hole left my trauma of several years in just few days or even hours of being with me.

  18. Yes. I missed out on all those shared experiences. I hate that I’m triggered into remembering awful things every time someone casually mentions their school days. When I was younger it was incredibly hard to be around other peoples parents and it’s still hard sometimes although I’m older now and parenting my own child.

  19. Parent teacher meeting was dreadful for me. To see other kids and parents being normal and Happy. I was like ohhh this is how it is.

  20. Just that even when the waiter says, please have this or have some more would freak me out. But it's mostly they being actually nice and kind without expecting anything in return.

  21. Much love towards you! Probably only thing I can give you.

  22. I'm don't have anything to help. I can share my love and support to you unconditionally.

  23. I can identify with this So. Damn. Much.

  24. It's painful! A unfillable void exists.

  25. I often get told I'm hyper emotional. And to a point, that's true. But, when you have trauma, you usually have a bunch of pent up emotional shit that you need to release.

  26. I had a very active social life from elementary school on, but none of my friends ever went inside my house or knew what was going on because I lied compulsively in order to fit in. For years I said we were "remodeling" but in reality we had no furniture. I loved being at school because I wasn't home.

  27. Much love to you! Sorry to go through tough times. Mine is a similar story to yours.

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