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  1. Sucks! But glad you are still alive. Your life is worth way more than $800.

  2. Ngl, i saw the first part of the headline and panicked that DP was dead.

  3. When people in America pronounce bruschetta “Broo-skett-uh,” and are elitist about it, correcting their server.

  4. I get what your saying, but thats sooo degrading.

  5. That’s just your mindset. It’s only degrading if you make it degrading.

  6. Nickel back. Not a good band but also not anywhere near the top 100 of worst bands on the radio.

  7. Self-suffiency, mundane day-to-day wants that make her real. Believable personality flaws/pros. Being passionate about something that doesn’t have anything to do with men/sex/romance.

  8. One of my favorite things to do at a urinal is go select one right next to a guy—just like that meme—look him DEAD in the eye and say:

  9. Watch out, that dude has a hare trigger!

  10. Yes! Poor king can’t write modern dialogue to save his life. But the stories are almost always amazing so it’s easy to get past

  11. I’m a big fan of the axe throwing bar fad that’s been going on lately. I could do that all day. Fun, cathartic.

  12. Drinks are complimentary, but all have to be served with a straw shaped like a gun barrel

  13. Buster, Pedro, Nerd, Wolfgang, Maestro, Satchmo for my son.

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