1. Ok what the fuck my anti-anxiety meds are even doing then bruh

  2. I was late for Undertale party so now I am fully invested in on-going Deltarune craze. It's also somehow more interesting to me because of more playable characters who are bigger kids than Frisk was.

  3. Dramatic Gamine, finally, a type I can fit into with my GIANT YANG BONES and face of a child.

  4. I love when the road is very narrow and has a sidewalk only on one side and those four-wheeled atrocities are parked on it all the way through. Yeah, I guess it was built for you, not me.

  5. It's been 4 months already and I overanalyzed every damn thing. Did it help? Nope. My psychiatrist telling me to text him "fuck you" doesn't help either.

  6. To let the emotions out, etc. My doctor thinks it would be kind of a closure, I do not. Yeah, I'm upset, but the last thing I want to do is to be mean, even though I often think something along those lines anyway lol.

  7. Same age, same feelings. But the hardest part is I don't even look my age, people believe I am 15 and sometimes I really think I spent last 6-8 years in some kind of cryosleep or in a dream. This would explain why I am an adult only on paper...

  8. Responsibility of a crime falls on a person who committed it. Without their action there is no crime, whatever victim(-to-be) is wearing. Simple as that, but for your colleague it may be kind of a rocket science, poor guy.

  9. Hold on, I can't keep up with everything at once, Toriel is homophobic, the sub is transphobic... Holy shit, that's a lot of phobias for a few days!

  10. Guys are you okay, seriously, I got downwoted to the Earth's core for... what exactly?

  11. That shit hurts, because bitches can't open up to people that much.

  12. Below was a cat kissing a monitor with a cute cartoon picture of a kitty on it.

  13. At this height your Kibbe ID is narrowed down to two types only: either good girl or good boy!

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