1. I'm more interested in what the hell happened to number 4.

  2. Carbon fouled commutator, instead of a solid path for the electricity it has to fight to way past the carbon build up causing it to spark and pit the copper ring.

  3. 15k, that's the same machine my grandma started me on.

  4. Kimber being too low to even show up on the list is what's right with this list.

  5. Kimber is a name bought by a guy who also bought the tooling from a scrapyard in Portland after the original Kimber went under.

  6. Seems like all these stupid laws are engineered to give criminals the best possible advantage.

  7. Can't have democrat voters dying to people owning firearms now can we?

  8. Strange I wonder what they were doing with Vaseline and their phone

  9. Surprised there's no mention of F.A.T.A.L up there.

  10. Nice 27, slide the plate on the side towards you and turn the wheel, there should be a steel piece inside with an angled tip on it, with the shuttle carrier all the way forward, there's a cutout for your finger to reach in, push down on the tip so the back raises up then lift it out, hopefully there will be a bobbin inside it.

  11. Science is all about asking questions and reviewing the data. Once the data proves otherwise vaccines in babies are safer than the consequences of not vaccinating them.

  12. Can you provide the 10 years of required data for the prephase 1 and phase 1 clinical trial on the vaccines where it was tested on small animals and non human primates showing they are not toxic or do not induce protective immune responses?

  13. I asked you to prove me wrong. Not to quote more articles. Give me a summary.

  14. Finally, a use for pre ground coffee.

  15. Leo letter is required for both registration and transfer on post 86 dealer samples.

  16. Did you even read the letter you linked? It specifically mentions transfers only when talking about law letters.

  17. National Firearms Act Handbook - ATF

  18. This was because he went to the guy with the cheapest inspection cost.

  19. That serial makes it a model 66 made in 1941.

  20. I have no problem confirming the order, bor don't have a problem showing them my phone while I confirm pickup.

  21. “Collect call from Bob Wiaddababi’eetzaboy”

  22. Jesus it's been a hot minute since I've thought of that commercial.

  23. Looks like one of those situations where cabinet guy says the floorings not straight, flooring guy says the walls aren’t straight, framer says the foundation’s not straight, and the masonry guy just got another DUI and nobody can reach him. Happens all the time.

  24. Do you know if that machine goes by any other branding? I know with the singer 15 models there are many very similar if not identical machines just under different branding. I’ve seen a few that look similar to the 401 or 403s but with different branding and I’m not sure if those are completely different or not.

  25. Any one of the 50s and 60s japanese machines will do you fine.

  26. That's a little high if you're in an area that has lots of machines available. (Craigslist is a good place to check.) If it has been serviced recently (unlikely) and has the original paper manual and all of the accessories, then maybe. I am with

  27. The age related flaw is the 60 year old plastic gear box thats made of unobtainaium.

  28. As an art deco conversation piece sure grab it.

  29. I've ordered from them before and while their stock availability is accurate their cost compared to others is kinda meh.

  30. If you purchased it with a brace it's a 922r violation and is turn in or destroy.

  31. The correct answer is "scorpion Evo? I sold that awhile back."

  32. Poor tipping, high item counts, long delivery distances, the store layout is not static, neither is the item availability.

  33. This is a National Walking foot overlock industrial sewing machine. Couldn’t hold it and the camera at the same time. This is going full speed through 3 layers of thick latigo leather.

  34. Didn't they call it a double-cab? Not sure myself. But that's what Mustie1 always says.

  35. Doka, short for Doppelkabine.

  36. Plasma cutter, take you a few minutes.

  37. So let me get this straight: if I post about shitty pay or unicorns that’s good. If I post about any other problem shoppers will turn on me. Got it.

  38. It's probably the part where you posted about a problem, we offered solutions and then you snapped at everyone offering solutions like an asshole that made them turn on you.

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