1. Recall that one-to-one means that if f(x) = f(y) then x = y, so you just need to show that to establish one-to-oneness.

  2. It's a make-up date in case we got rained out.

  3. The problem I have with D is that 2% half yearly is not 4% pa, it's 4.04% pa (1.02 x 1.02). Just like 4% pa compounded daily is not (4/365)%

  4. That's not what those terms mean. The fact interest is paid and compounded twice / year is why those are different, and why D is the right answer. If it was paid annually, then the other formula would be correct.

  5. A. 4% pa is still 4% per year regardless of how often it's calculated.

  6. I like to think outside of the box

  7. 'Think outside of the box' usually means an unusual and creative thought, as opposed to something straightforward to conceive but unlikely to take place.

  8. It was a facetious response. I am well aware of the unlikely nature of what I propose.

  9. While you may be able to make an argument that the odds of drawing one of the 47 cards available are higher than the 1/52 people expect, and that balances off the 0% chance of drawing one of the five, it's still not going to pass a test of being a fair drawing if some number of chances can't possibly win.

  10. Whether you choose the smallest balance or the highest interest rate, you arrive at the same plan. Pay extra on that account.

  11. Have more income and a better credit history, I guess?

  12. What happened with CD rates? Fed raised rates a couple weeks ago and CDs went up now they went back down...i just transferered some money to my schwab acct and was going to invest but now theres not even any options for 3 or 6 month terms and the other rates are lower. Is it likely they will swing back up?

  13. There are one-year CDs at 5%. There's not really all that much consumer need for three-month CDs when there are other options like savings account and treasury bonds.

  14. It depends how the vertices are connected, not just degree

  15. Right. You have to consider the way they are connected, and that is probably an algorithm as you are thinking.

  16. I think you typed "unpopular" when you meant to type "wrong."

  17. ? If I had already decided, I wouldn't be asking here. Chevy is not a reputable brand. Reading through the posts here most talk about issues. Ofcourse I want to ask users their experience. This is such a weird response. Shd I just buy something blindly without doing any research or critical analysis?

  18. It seems more like you are just asking to hear people tell you their problems. You don't like Chevy and expect problems. What is the chance you would actually buy one?

  19. Christ dude. I know the great features of bolt. That's why it's the one I am looking at. Was also looking at leaf but bolt features are better. But anyone I talk to says Chevy is not good. Here is a sub full of Chevy bolt users. I already know what's good in it. I want to know what problems they faced. Is it something cosmetic or were they pretty serious. I hope this clarifies.

  20. Any car can have problems. Most cars have nothing major go wrong. Asking random opinions on reddit is not going to give a complete picture or help make a decision. I have had zero issues, but that's just one of the tens of thousands sold.

  21. Dental insurance rarely saves you money since they limit what it will pay out.

  22. It's hard to have a discourse with people that don't have a baseline knowledge and then also refuse to accept it. There's a reason why places like MN Madison have way higher biking rates than SanDiego.

  23. They asked, perhaps they are trying to figure out when they got scratched. If it wasn't you, you have no responsibility.

  24. There is nothing unique to your employee stock options. They have no value at present and are not transferable

  25. "How do you expect us to make a car without floor mats?!"

  26. Keep in mind the only benefit is a $500 credit per dependent

  27. It's a legitimate need. You probably want to avoid places with slick marketing.

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