[Charania] Breaking: Brooklyn Nets All-Star Kyrie Irving has requested a trade, league sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. The franchise has been informed that Irving prefers to move on ahead of the Feb. 9 trade deadline – or will leave in free agency in July.

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  1. Domain privacy generally doesn't prevent you from being contacted, but it does prevent your details from being viewed publicly.

  2. Their legal firm sent me an email directly with my contact info in the letter. I was not forwarded anything.

  3. Domain privacy often forwards through the email. If they got a full name I’d be very dubious and rip the hosting provider a new one. Domain and dns providers are normally safe.

  4. They have my full name, personal email and address. I host on Vercel and think they're likely the culprits instead of Godaddy. You guys are doing it right.

  5. If Kyrie goes to the Lakers, it could be KD/Russ screaming at each other on the sidelines again.

  6. if kyrie goes, I imagine they would have to get rid of KD soon after. Prob not gonna make the trade deadline though so we get a few weeks of KD/Westbrook lol

  7. It’s been 90 0 days since Kyrie did some wild shit. 🗓️

  8. Silence is the best answer. Just stare into their soul.

  9. staring when you have the nuts works pretty well...classic reverse tell

  10. The Pelicans will win or will cover just because a lot of people are betting on the mavs?

  11. sigh. Not gonna argue with another person who doesn't know how line movement works

  12. I always go with better value. But I'll never fade a pick just because the public is on it. That's silly to me

  13. You need to read better. It’s just one of the signals I use

  14. Not so much angleshooting as breaking the rules. You're not allowed to talk about your hand in multiway pots for, well, situations like these.

  15. how can it be an angle when he ended up having that hand? lol

  16. It could be an angle. We don't know that when we're making the decision

  17. Yes that’s true. Less likely it was an angle but it’s certainly possible

  18. Double checking your cards is a common tell that you have an offsuit combination. If the hand is suited, you’re far more likely to remember the suit, while if it isn’t suited, it’s easier to forget whether you had a club or a spade for example.

  19. Yep very good point. I figured this out a while ago and now double check when I’m double suited. It seems to work.

  20. $12k. This was a match the stack private home game in NYC. It was technically $5/5 but there was a pro there and he turned it into a $10/20. Prior to this I had only played $2/5 so I was very out of my element but my ego forced me to keep playing. For this pot, I ended up having the same hand as the pro (open ended straight draw) vs a mega whale who was holding onto top pair. We both missed and the whale held.

  21. Marquette -6 bettors get the fuck in here. Huge shoutout to the sharps for driving that number down for us. Y’all the real MVPs

  22. Seton Hall coming thru can I get a WOOP WOOP

  23. pretty amazing how someone can tank his reputation so quickly without a crime, sexual harrassment or something of that nature

  24. It’s kind of like a crime, and it’s also kind of like harassment. Just not enough to cross into actual criminal territory.

  25. yea makes sense. What he did was very bad for the game long term. We want women and whales at the tables. He deserves what he's getting.

  26. If I'm in mh 40s and have kids with her.. it's obvious.. but either way Im absolutely choosing someone my age, not someone 20+ years younger.. gross for a few reasons but I mean you can't even relate to them. Gisele is smoking hot too so nothing gained there.

  27. why is dating someone 20 years younger "gross?" I don't think it's gross at all. Yes, you're less likely to relate to them but there are so many of them. You can prob find a 20 year old you can relate to.

  28. I don’t think I would even go with supermodel anyway. They tend to have those sorts of features that look appealing at a glance or in a photo but seem unnatural when you study them. Lol. As if ever had this choice.

  29. Many supermodels have weird faces I agree. You have a few absolutely stunning ones like Ambrosio or Candace (in their primes)

  30. He literally just dropped 50 points in 30 minutes.

  31. Sure, I don’t give a fuck about MVP and neither does Giannis, we’re focused on the playoffs. But your point about him being worse recently was wrong. That was and is my whole point.

  32. I can assure you he gives a fuck about the MVP lol. He prefers a ring but a MVP is second in importance.

  33. Me too but gotta do it. It’s an okay number to chase on

  34. So are you stating that these plays or where the sharp money is? Or are you calling yourself a sharp and these are your plays?

  35. not sure if you're trolling. But Jimmy is no longer questionable and the line has moved accordingly

  36. sharps moved the Hornets line from an opener of 13 to 11. With that being said, at some point there will be value in laying the favorite.

  37. I also consider time. If the hand took a long time I tip more.

  38. yes. One time I was playing $2/5 and villain made a huge bet on the river. I was tanking for 3 minutes and the dealer was so nice about it. She said I could take her whole shift if I wanted to. I eventually called and won, pot was $1600 and I tipped her $20.

  39. Tipping modestly is what I do I just don’t every hand or in limped pots or pre folds we are doing the same thing , ppl thinking I never tip I tip bt 1/3rd of my moderate pots

  40. Don’t tip if they don’t deal a flop. But you absolutely should tip every hand where a flop is dealt. $1 will do it at $1/2. If it’s a monster pot, up to $3.

  41. Sure, but, if it’s someone like poker bunny they can totally stay in my room, or at least the bathroom for a few minutes, more than I get out of most buy ins.

  42. Try an Airbnb instead. I would not share a hotel room with a rando

  43. she's a top 3 best looking poker pro. The other two are Lacey Jones and Kara Scott. Everyone else is at least a tier below.

  44. When they have the 5 they started tonight they are the best team in the world

  45. Can I post the site here? Not trying to get banned for promoting

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