1. Green Meadows in Southbridge MA is really nice. Their brand flower is organic and 🔥

  2. I bred that. Seeds Available at it's '95AK47 x Blueberry OG. I only released a few packs

  3. I've wanted to check out that matter flower. I'm skeptical on how legit the reviews are under the strains.

  4. Out of curiosity, what would cause this to be such an off putting brown color?

  5. Over-ripe, late harvested flower is the main reason. Back in the days of real hash, a darker color was preferred because it indicated a more well rounded product - meaning it contained more minor cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, CBG, THCV, CBDV, etc in addition to the THC. Dark doesn't always mean bad. Actually, every CBD dominant strain I've made rosin from comes out darker for some reason

  6. There’s not really any places that offer them for the most part either

  7. Green Meadows offers them both Medical and Rec. You can buy up to six (6) clones per day I believe

  8. Green Meadows in Southbridge carries clones. They look good, and are well rooted. They have some good genetics too.

  9. It's cool we can buy clones from dispensaries now. Not sure if there's any good genetix out yet, but we're about to drop some limited release cuts at Green Meadows

  10. Green Meadows has some fire coming out. Their Double Chocolate, which is an OG Chocolate Thai Bx, is dank.

  11. That is where seeds were in the bud. The seeds fall out during trim, and leave the calyx empty

  12. I'm sorry. Don't give matter another dollar and quit wasting ur money at have a heart

  13. Obviously. So I have spent 25 years growing - a long long time before there was an "industry" or "corporate weed". I was hired a few months ago to come in a fix all of this. It'll take a minute, but I assure you, matter products will improve significantly.

  14. Yea I'm not really sure on the specifics besides they found a bug lol. They have a couple strains I've wanted to try especially since quality looks to have improved. We'll see if we hear more about the bug situation

  15. That bug thing was a fake. No way it would have stayed in the bud bouncing around in handling.

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