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  1. lmao good one. had to check if it actually counted out to a haiku, sadly it's 4-5-5

  2. Hey heres something (probably stupid) i wished he was holding 4 rockets when he shoots it becomes 3 rockets hes holding.

  3. Is this a cake? Or clay? Dope either way!

  4. you made me realize that someone could’ve swap out my b day cake with a fake clay one….. AAAAAAA

  5. I don’t know how to link results off of Google images, but is it Pumpkin the cat? Look up “Pumpkin the cat at the beach”

  6. Alright I got you (Pass: Occupo) (church of elleh) my sign is down

  7. Thats strange i cant pick it up edit: sheesh elden ring netcode is horrible as heck when dealing with items

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