The police have released the booking photo of the Colorado Springs MAGA mass shooter domestic terrorist

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. I really like how you described it. "Magical but also mundane." It just really paints a picture of how for us, extinct dinosaurs and other ancient animals being very much alive is amazing, but for a world of elves, orcs, and dragons, they're just another large animal to be wary about.

  2. What are dragons but flying dinosaurs?

  3. Dragons are a wholly diferent Order of animals. They evolved at the same time, but they're different animal families. Dragons are closer to cocodriles than dragons.

  4. Okay, thank you for sharing that.

  5. I'm personally fond of Combat Gameplay Overhaul, since it adds in the ability to grip switch and use spells with two handed weapons, as well as makes two handed weapons have an arc that hits multiple foes. It also has dodging, but I disable it.

  6. So then where is it? I've been wanting to play that game for a while now.

  7. Wait, the translation is finished? Where can I find it?

  8. "Diferent" and put a lot of humanlike characters LOL.

  9. Hell, Zombina is literally just a human woman with a specific disability. She was born a human and still largely thinks of herself as one, even if her legal status has changed. Which is itself fucked up.

  10. Cataclysm DDA I would say fits the definition. You got augmentations and robots wandering around. Which is as close as it's going to get I feel.

  11. There's also Cataclysm: Bright Nights, which is a fork of the same game designed to be fun instead of just punishing. They're both open source, so feel free to try both.

  12. There is a slight problem with that: hoarders don't just hoard lifeless objects. Many do, yes, but many also hoard living things, like pets or even children.

  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.washingtontimes.com/news/2022/jun/20/hillary-clinton-indicates-transgender-rights-shoul/

  14. Dude, I'm not even going to defend Hillary Clinton. The Democrats pushing her gave Trump the presidency because no one actually wanted Hillary save the bougies.

  15. What are you talking about? Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

  16. Clinton won the popular vote, but it was an extremely close race against Donald Trump, the man so mocked for being a pompous windbag that even Sesame Street had a segment making fun of him in 2005. And for all that Hillary won the popular vote, Trump still won the presidency.

  17. And the disabled. They killed disabled people for being disabled and will do, if allowed to, again.

  18. Not to mention religious and ethnic minorities.

  19. My girlfriend and I are both autistic, and I swear half the time we finish each other's sentences. The only time we don't is when one of us infodumps to the other, and I'm very tempted to just start making out with her the next time that happens.

  20. I wouldn’t. The people who I think are unsafe owning guns are already breaking them and with the full knowledge that no one will ever stop them.

  21. That's the crux of the issue. Those fascists and their bootlickers are in love with free (to purchase) guns and people openly carrying said guns in public... until a minority does it. Like how the Black Panthers would patrol black neighborhoods in California while openly carrying firearms to police the police, which resulted in California having the strongest gun control laws in the US.

  22. Isn't most of her stats, besides int and luck, fairly high?

  23. She literally cannot fight to save her life, and her only magical skills are purifying water and healing people. She has literally been taken out of a fight by starter-grade JRPG monsters who get too close to her.

  24. At this point, they don’t know. They’re hoping they can dredge around enough issues to find it. They’ll be attempting, with the help of Fox, to manufacture a controversy that will capture the public’s imagination. They’ll definitely grill some smaller Admin officials and crow about how it tarnished Biden.

  25. I mean, they literally tried to stir up controversy over Obama doing things like wearing a tan suit and putting dijon mustard on his hot dog. The only reason they're not pushing nearly as hard at Biden is because Biden is white.

  26. Bidens family traveled the world picking up bags of cash because of their last name. If you think Joe didnt benefit from it you are as naive as the Q anon people who think JFK is coming back.

  27. Yes, most politicians are criminals or order international war crimes to be done in their name. I'm not arguing that. I'm arguing that Democrats and Republicans only give two shits about appearances when it comes to domestic policy, and Obama's track record on treating US citizens was far less inflammatory than the Bushes, Kennedy, or Trump; not only that, Obama was so mild in his actions that Republicans had to create controversies over complete nonsense like his taste in fashion or condiments instead of criticizing anything he actually did, at least until the Affordable Care Act, where they rallied their base around defying it even though most of those people genuinely benefitted from it.

  28. I mean there is an element of extra-judicially beating up criminals that's kind of baked into superheroes. Even the X-Men do that.

  29. To be fair, the X-Men aren't extrajudicially beating up criminals, they're either infighting among minority groups with different ideologies (Xavier seeks equality and comraderie, Magneto believes that the next holocaust is inevitable and the only way to protect his people from being genocided again is to strike back first) or literally fighting for their lives against government-sponsored violence. Like, seriously, the only two consistent villains in X-Men are Magneto and his group, and the Sentinels. I mean, I guess you could count Apocalypse in that lineup, but he's also personally coming after like half the main characters to enslave or kill them.

  30. Ah yes, that's why slavery was near-universal until a couple hundred years ago. Cooperation and community.

  31. I mean, yeah, because humans aren't just dumb animals, we're highly intelligent and capable of altering the way our societies work based on the beliefs of those in charge. And notably, the people who get a say in how a society is run generally are better-off than those who aren't, and autocratic governments were also the norm for thousands of years due to the selfish and malicious deliberately organizing growing agrarian societies around their desire for more and more power, resulting in anyone who didn't have a similar focus on military might getting conquered.

  32. Turns out that species normally do spell their names that way, but they also have normal human names, like K8-E (Katie). XLR8 sounds like it's mocking them.

  33. XLR8 is a fucking sick name though. If you wanna insult me with a slur that radical you can lock me in the stocks and scream it at me all day 😩

  34. Kinecelerans canonically evolved on a planet with gale-force winds and tornadoes constantly blowing across it; they're so fast because their homeworld literally would kill them if they weren't able to run from extreme weather at a moment's notice.

  35. Definitely a valid career option but not for everyone. People with physical disabilities cannot do those jobs and often only have retail/service jobs available to them. You'd be surprised how many WFH office jobs will reject you for having a physical disability, even one that's temporary or intermittent.

  36. I always, always say 'I choose not to answer' when a job application or interview asks if I am disabled. You are not legally required to tell them until you are hired, or at all unless you need specific accommodations. That's not exactly viable for certain disabilities and certain interview styles, but if you're capable of hiding it for long enough to get hired, then they legally can't fire you for your disability.

  37. I always say "not disabled" even though it's a lie (I'm autistic and have some minor physical issues that don't quite qualify as disabilities) because I worry they'll see "choose not to answer" as "yes."

  38. Honestly, I feel that. I'm currently working for doordash, mostly because my car is stupidly fuel efficient and everywhere else rejected my application.

  39. More people need to acknowledge that, in spite of humans being a really different kind of build, we are still apex predators. We have always been apex predators. Nothing fucks with humans unless they're desperate. They can literally smell our apex predator status, zero exaggeration, it's in our sweat. Its how our brains got big, and why they can stay big. Proof? The rich can afford to be lazy (and eat more protein rich diets) way more, and their brains tend to get bigger. More proof, the rich WANT us to not be lazy, so that our brains don't get bigger than theirs. Biggest proof of all, they do it way harder to people in minority groups cause they're scared of us working together.

  40. No, humans are, in most ways psychologically, a prey species who accidentally became apex predators.

  41. Hitler did after all, use the way the US treated indigenous folks as a template for the Holocaust.

  42. Not even how Indigenous Americans were treated centuries ago, the Nazis got a lot of their ideology from white supremacy ideologies that were actively making US laws. Jim Crow laws were the standard until 1964, whereas WW2 ended in 1945.

  43. I agree with this one. If we kill him, we stoop to his level. But we can still let him rot.

  44. That's not stooping to his level, stooping to his level would be entering a church full of people just going about their day and shooting them. Killing him is just ensuring that he can't hurt anyone else.

  45. It also doesn't help that most straight relationships in fiction are between the most bland and/or even outright abusive guy in the world and a hot woman who somehow thinks he's interesting and never challenges him in any way. I enjoy romance, even het romance (though I am myself a lesbian), when it's done well, rather than being a power fantasy for emotionally crippled assholes.

  46. "But it's a stepping stone job for children!!!" /s

  47. Nevermind that having teenagers do those jobs means that they would only be open outside of school hours, and very likely never late at night or early in the morning. No more going out to eat on your lunch break, because all the restaurants are closed until 5 PM; no more getting a pizza at midnight, the joints all close at 9 PM.

  48. What makes it car-like rather than, you know, a car?

  49. Reminds me of this one Justice League episode where Lex Luthor became president in an alternate timeline/universe, caused the whole Earth to be at the brink of War, killed Flash, and mocked Superman by telling him that Superman's identity as a hero, and thus his refusal to put Lex down lethally, had became Lex's "accomplice", with Lex further asserting that it was Superman's "Ego" that led to it all, and not the ppl's will.

  50. The issue with Aang killing Ozai is that Aang is twelve. He's a young child who was raised by pacifists and who is the last piece of that culture left; yes, Aang being handed energy bending by a lion turtle came out of nowhere and invalidated the entire problem, and yes from a practical standpoint killing Ozai is more important than the preservation of the Air Nomad beliefs, but Aang was a child desperate to not be a killer, unlike the other examples you mentioned who were both adults. He is also the living incarnation of balance, and as a result he has a spiritual duty to preserve Air Nomad culture, since no one else will.

  51. Yeah, they're about the size of a bicycle, and they're surprisingly strong.

  52. I mean, a small bicycle, but you can ride them if you're not that tall. And also, ones trained to use Fly can grip you in their talons safely too; it's how you can Fly with a tailow, pidgey, fletchling, etc. The saddle part was more for myself, since I don't like being in a pokeball much.

  53. I'm reading this book on the history of surfing, and the native hawaiians would literally make it illegal to work when a swell was coming in because it was an offering from the gods.

  54. See, that's just it: the native Hawiians still had plenty to eat. They were thriving to the point that they could afford to take long and frequent breaks from working without it impacting their prosperity, and much of Christianity is obsessed with the concept of finding joy in back-breaking labor and servitude. The white conquererors of Hawaii derided the natives for being happy.

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