1. Depends on the rest of their chart and how it interacts with yours. Scorpio being your 7th house could indicate you have an attraction towards them or vice versa.

  2. That makes sense 🤔 thanks for the help! generally speaking..I’m assuming someone with mostly earth and water placements would be the most complementary?

  3. Thank you so much for the link! I really appreciate it. Well…based on the percentages, apparently Pluto is my dominant planet sitting at 20% the moon at %16 and Saturn at %13 😅 this is actually quite surprising but at the same time it’s not lol at least I have something to look into so thank you ☺️

  4. In my opinion no... it would need to be only the luminaries or inner planets and there should be 3 or more to be a stellium. The 9th house could feel important to you though because you have the Moon there. I have that too! 😊

  5. Omg thank you so much for the detailed response, it’s extremely helpful! ☺️ lmao it’s 100% safe to say I definitely don’t relate to what you’ve just mentioned! That’s really fascinating though! you’ve had quite the life experience with all those planets within the 9th house 🤯 If you don’t mind me asking…how does moon in the 9th house manifest? I’m having a difficult time comprehending it..I’ve read it could mean being interested in spirituality, learning, travel, etc…but I don’t get what that has to do with my emotions 😅

  6. I'm glad it helped! 😊 Another good way to put it, is those with stelliums tend to be walking clichés of the house the stellium is in. It usually makes the chart a bit easier to read, at least for me, because they tend to be on a track in life.

  7. Holy shit, thank you for the thorough explanation! I appreciate it so much ☺️ I now have a better understanding of this placement — based off of that description, I definitely resonate with this placement A LOT! Literally everything you’ve mentioned is on point lol. I’m definitely a spiritual type of person…I guess this is also because I’m a Pisces sun/mercury 😅 Again, thank you so much for this amazing information ☺️✨🖤

  8. I have Jupiter retrograde in Libra. I don’t think I currently know anyone with libra placements…though I could be wrong. But from what I’ve read…I definitely believe I could be great friends with a libra 🙃 but I also have my Venus in Aries so idk if that’d affect things 😅

  9. heal your Leo in Chiron and you’ll finally be able to open your eyes to everything you’re good at.

  10. Oof 😮‍💨 this is SOOO spot on 😅 thank you so much for sharing that info/the link! I definitely need to look into how to heal my Chiron placement. It’s something I struggle with just about everyday just based on that description 🫠 I’ve always been an artistic person but I gave up on it due to feeling like I wasn’t talented enough at it. Perhaps I need to get back to what truly brought me joy lol. Thank you for giving me something to think about (:

  11. With your sun in the 10th house, career is going to be a big deal to you and who you are. I think this would make you want to be in a leadership type role. I would really lean into your ambitious side. I think this shows you will be successful in your career but it might take you some time to get there.

  12. Thanks for the response! I appreciate it ☺️ Though, I believe my sun is in the 11th house? 🤔 with regards to wanting a leadership role — that’s not really something I resonate with tbh despite having a Capricorn moon/MC. I think maybe it could be due to having Uranus and Neptune conjunct my moon/MC? I’m not sure but I’ve always highly valued freedom and creativity. tbvh I have a hard time seeing myself as someone with a Capricorn MC 😅

  13. That’s so interesting, what makes you think Pisces? I was getting more of a Virgo vibe lol. Perhaps it’s because they’re opposing signs 😅 I’m a Pisces and I get told I’m “too relaxed” but maybe that’s my Taurus rising…

  14. Omg thank you ☺️ and it surely is! Honestly..the wind was so powerful I’m just glad I still have my hair on my head 😂

  15. My hair gets kinda messy even when it isn't windy, I don't know why. Your expression in the second pic made me chuckle, it gives off strong fuck-my-life energy. 😂

  16. Same honestly 😂 and great! That’s exactly how I felt 😂

  17. My Pisces sun and Capricorn moon, and Taurus rising placements Is what you are asking for ???

  18. I have the same placements! & can confirm this 😂 it’s honestly quite difficult. Journaling definitely helps to simply externalize my emotions instead of keeping them bottled inside & ignoring them 😅

  19. Do you get called cold and unemotional a lot ? And are told to smile more ???

  20. Omg YES! I get called cold because of things I say I won’t tolerate…so literally setting boundaries (which was tough for me in the past tbh). When I’m minding my own business…I tend to have rbf until spoken to lol so people always assume I’m mad or sad 😅 and I get called unemotional due to not showing excitement, happiness, etc. idk what they want from me…to jump and scream for joy? 😅 but I do show when I’m annoyed…it can get pretty “icy” 😬 how about you?

  21. Hello! ☺️ 29 & from Canada. I’m looking for someone the same age range as me, willing to learn/grow together and independently, and someone who knows how to communicate effectively/calmly.

  22. Ugh, that teal is so beautiful on you. As is the warm darker purple. I’m glad the lipstick test pointed you in the right direction!

  23. Thank you so much! That’s really kind of you ☺️ I’m glad it helped me too lol it took me nearly a year to figure this out 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  24. I do think the warmer toned lipsticks look great on you. Lipstick draping was what finally convinced me I have cool undertones. And I think it’s also working to convince me I’m a true summer. My skin reacts in extremes to lipstick that is the wrong undertone, brightness or lightness, lol. So I’m glad someone else has had success using lipstick to narrow things down! Yay!

  25. Yeah, it was definitely super helpful! I’d constantly get a back and forth between deep autumn and deep winter whenever I’d post on here lol. My skin doesn’t react THAT strongly against different coloured clothing, unless it’s completely off..such as wearing any summer or light spring colours. I’d definitely recommend everyone try lipstick draping to narrow things down, especially if they have a more neutral skin tone 🙃

  26. I’m sorry you’re not having a great weekend 😔 Hopefully it gets better tomorrow! I just wanted to comment to say I love your hair & glasses! They both suit you so well 😊

  27. No problem! I think you've got a rather neutral undertone which is why you'd look really great with colours that aren't too warm. You can probably even borrow from some Deep Winter colours, as long as they aren't too blue/cool.

  28. Oh yeah, according to my foundation shade…I am neutral lol. It’s why I’ve been struggling between deep autumn or deep winter. I’ve finally settled on deep autumn but like you said, I can borrow certain colours from the DW palette. I think I can actually wear quite a few shades of blue..at least according to what others said on one of my past posts 😅 do you think any of these cooler colours work for me based off of this post I made?

  29. I think the top right blue from the 1st slide works best. It's a blue that's not too dusty. Top left is too muted, bottom left is too cool, and bottom right is too light. The deep autumn palette also has blues that have a bit more green in them, and I think those would work perfectly for you. If you want to borrow from deep winter, I think you can borrow some reds and purples that have a bit of warmth in them.

  30. Okay, that makes a lot of sense! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help me, I really appreciate it ☺️ I definitely agree that warmer blues look better on me, as well as warmer purples! The link you sent earlier will come in really handy next time I go shopping lol

  31. This is absolutely beautiful to see! I’m so happy for them! 🥹 I’m hoping someday I’ll also find someone to share life with :’)

  32. In your case, it looks like the placement in the 12th gives you a more inward orientation rather than a more social, outward one. It also makes me think you are very creative and need to do something creative to be happy. You could have a more spiritual orientation as well, but I think you are in the process of reinventing yourself. Sun is also in Pisces, 12th. Jupiter is in Libra, 6th. These are very creative placements. You also want to help others. You have compassion. Perhaps you want to help through teaching some kind of art - or doing art with others. Creativity often puts us in touch with our Souls - our inner muse - and our deeper sense of self - and we can explore who we are in different ways. Maybe you like computers and can participate in creative videos games - maybe you want to do the music or the graphic animations. I don't know - but - I think you'll do something creative.

  33. Thank you so much for the explanation! If you don’t mind me asking…seeing as my Venus has a few square aspects to it, how would this affect things with regards to my Taurus rising? Does it have any affect in how I view myself as a person or would it mostly only show up in my relationships? And it being in the 12H, would it make it challenging for me to figure out what sorts of things actually bring me joy? I’ve definitely felt lost in life until I accepted the journey that is life. I’ve accepted that I don’t need to have all the answers right now and to just wait and see how things unfold. One day as I was meditating I actually realized that I’ve always known what I enjoy…which is exactly what you mentioned, I enjoy creating & doing anything artistic. I lost that part of me due to attempting to do/become what I thought was expected of me.

  34. First of all…Your feelings are sooo valid! ❤️ imo you only have to work towards your self confidence! I know it’s much easier said than done though 😅 For what it’s worth, I personally find you very attractive with incredible style and I’m sure you have an incredible heart to match 🥰 I hope you have an amazing day(:

  35. You are who I am looking for! I’m not OP but I am interested so much in this. I’ve been trying to find someone who doesn’t think in words so I can look at their chart. I have several Pisces Mercury people who think in words and I’d be interested in comparing y’all’s charts. Would you mind dming me your birth data? I will keep it private, personally I don’t share mine publicly.

  36. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind! I’ll send you a message 🙃

  37. Pisces mercury 11H. I don’t tend to really have an internal dialogue, unless you count thinking in images/“feelings”? 😅 either that or I have periods of zoning out whilst somewhat subconsciously picturing various scenarios that haven’t yet or probably never will occur..my mind just has a tendency to create. Sometimes those moments give me great ideas/inspiration for projects & sometimes it just helps me to relax/reach clarity on things like a form of meditation 🙃

  38. I’d say probably a Scorpio with some libra placements to balance you out. Or someone will cancer placements. I think someone with water and air in their chart would suit you. But Scorpio because your 7th house is in Scorpio and Libra because your Jupiter is in Libra and in synastry whatever Jupiter touches it expands.

  39. That makes a lot of sense! I love Scorpio placements, they make me feel really seen. I love & value deep/committed partnerships. I don’t have that much personal experiences with Libras but from the ones I’ve met..they seemed great. Would someone with their Venus in Libra also be good? Since my Venus is in Aries? 👀

  40. In high school I would float amongst various groups of friends. I was never really super close to any of them tbh lol I was friends with a few individuals I had no idea how we even became friends in the first place 😅 though I had about 3 friends I was closer with/hung out with more often…though we still never really talked about anything too personal. I loved any sort of class that allowed me to be creative in some shape or form, I absolutely hated math & science. I feel like I could’ve liked science if the class was a bit more interesting 😅 tbh I kinda disliked school because I felt like it was mostly based on memorization instead of actual learning. My short term memory is absolute trash so it was quite difficult for me to stay interested knowing I wouldn’t do so well on tests anyway 😅

  41. Yes 🙃 people always tell me they feel sorry for me due to my placements lol (Aries Venus, Neptune & Uranus conjunct my Cap moon, Cancer mars, Pisces mercury, Pluto in the 7th house & I have a “Cardinal grand cross” apparently 😅) I don’t see anything wrong with them. Yeah, they might not function the way most people would probably want them to but oh well 😂

  42. You and him have almost all similar placements except he is a Sag Moon/Aries sun :) I wouldn't say it has impacted us in any negative way. I have a Scorpio NN and Midheaven so have a decent amount of Scorpio /Pluto energy and he has always been someone to prefer intense hot and heavy than light and airy relationships. Our connection is incredibly intense with a ton of transformation as individuals and together, and I imagine for someone wanting something more chill, it could be too overwhelming for them.

  43. Man, I’m jealous lol I was sooo close to being an Aries sun. Except for my Venus & NN, I have no other fire placements in my chart 🥲😂 Wow, that honestly sounds incredible imo! I’ve always wanted a deep & intense (in a positive way ofc lol) relationship! I looove people with Scorpio placements for that very reason. I definitely have zero interest in “light & airy” relationships either, I ended my last relationship because they had no interest in growing or healing which is perfectly fine if they’re not ready for that..just not someone I can see myself building a life with. I mean…due to my Aries Venus I like bringing a fun spirit into my partnerships too but my Cap moon/Pluto in the 7th house values deep, committed partnerships.

  44. I'd say au contraire. It would suggest that you have a strong sense of collective responsibility and shared goals. You will have a network of like minded folk around you who together, as a club, a company, or organisation, work towards your futuristic goals. There is a strong sense of how the future ought to be and how you, together with your comrades, will work to bring it about. It could be by working with new technologies or by it could be political.

  45. Thanks for the explanation! It’s actually super helpful because I’ve honestly been super lost with regards to my direction in life. I definitely agree with feeling a strong sense of collective responsibility to making the world at least slightly less shitty than it already currently is 😅

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