1. How do you deal with communication differences? I’ve been dating a new guy for about 6 weeks now, he recently took me out for a nice birthday dinner. Whenever we are together he is very affectionate, however I still get anxious when I don’t hear from him. He is rarely on his phone (the man uses an actual alarm clock to wake up in the morning) so I know that he may not see my texts until hours later, but I will often go a full day or two without hearing from him. It’s very frustrating and leads me to think of the worst case scenarios (he’s been in an accident or isn’t interested in seeing me anymore)

  2. Try matching his energy, if he doesn’t reach out for a while, you do the same. If he continues to pull back further then you’re wasting your time.

  3. I’m going on my 5th date with a girl this weekend. Feels like she’s somewhat into me but I’m getting tired of always being the one reaching out and organising. Should I call it quits or persist? I like her, but I feel raising this with her will be come across as needy. We’ve kissed but nothing else.

  4. Unfortunately yes, quite embarrassing but it’s the best I can afford right now

  5. Getting back together was your first mistake. Disclosing would be your second if you agreed not to.

  6. No reason to, unless she’s your dealer in which case you should stop dealing. But that has nothing to do with your relationship

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