1. I BEGGED my mother to take me to this movie when it came out.Was 12 years old, and pleaded with her for a solid week, promising everything under the sun if she would take me and my friend to see this.She finally relents, but decides to bring my sister (all of 10 years old) along, sitting in the back of the theater while my friend and I claimed front row seats.All through the movie I kept thinking my mother was going to be pissed at how gross the movie was, then this scene happens.As titillated as I was, all I could think of is how badly my mother was going to kill me for conniving her into letting me see this, and inadvertently exposing my sister to it as well.As it turns out, I hadn’thing to worry about, as they went screaming from the theater after the chest-burster scene.

  2. I convinced my mother to take my 5 year old self to Saturday Night Fever, because I fell in love with John Travolta in Grease. Boy was she happy I fell asleep.

  3. It's amazing how flat it looks from above! I called an Uber after getting lost on a 13 mile run as I stared up a hill to get back to my hotel.

  4. There are parts of the coast which are literally English enclaves

  5. How many will be able to stay after Brexit?

  6. There was also some kind of arena type thing there where JFK spoke. No word on of Marilyn was down at the Commack Motor Inn though.

  7. That was further east passed Commack Rd/Townline Road where Target is.

  8. I do agree with the majority of what people are saying. Elementary librarians have a lot of teaching responsibilities. However, I believe it's the Danielson rubric that says school librarians fall into a slightly different category as there are records to keep and maintain. I have stressed with my administrators that I need Library maintenance blocks. I have been questioned on this and I simply keep a record of what I do and how long it takes me for each task. I know that sounds daunting but in the end it helps my case. I have even kept track of how many students walk into the library check out books not on their regular time, ask questions etc.

  9. Tuna fish is the stuff from the can. Tuna is the steak form.

  10. All just squiggly lines strung together I suppose.

  11. When my school would do lockdown drills we would lock the door, turn all the lights off and all huddle together in a corner of the room. Every time all I could think was that we were literally just making it easier for someone to shoot us. Yeah kids go ahead and huddle up in the corner there, it'll save the shooter some bullets

  12. Just FYI, I have 4 locking deep closets in my room that could fit 25 kids. We don't practice in a drill, but in my head I do.

  13. I have my HEL with them. They randomly emailed me another member's information card. Like all of their personal information.

  14. Maaaan, a sunny April day on the Toronto Islands is the best thing ever - not crowded, tons of birds, great views of the city, just absolutely beautiful. Staying near the docks as you are, I'd take a half a day to take the ferry across, go for a run/walk around and explore, have lunch at the Riviera/Ward's Island Kitchen (just double-check that it's open), head back, do whatever downtown, go home.

  15. I was in/ still in my early 20s so maybe your friend doesn’t want to spend the effort of cross country travel for a night or two.

  16. We've also contemplated Vegas for shows before, but never have. So I'm surprised that she doesn't want to.

  17. Have you tested your gut biome? I did mine and the only thing I was low in was akkermansia. Trying to add it, plus foods they like.

  18. (Originally someone else's comment) By NOT eating (intermittent fasting) you increase your amount of a superstar bacteria, Akkermansia. It's anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting, and it supports a healthy gut lining. High amounts of it correlate with leanness, and low amounts correlate with obesity and T2 diabetes. In other words - you want high levels of this one.

  19. Well you see, my grandma dropped acid and hijacked a school bus full of penguins, so it’s kind of a family crisis right now.

  20. My little brother this morning, got his arm caught in the microwave

  21. T-Rex in Montana. I think we as Humans would greatly benefit from more predators who would consider us food.

  22. My first was T-rex, bc he's cool. But I saw Jurassic Park, humans cannot be trusted.

  23. Where the women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

  24. I'm talking about a little place called Assspen

  25. Keep the traps going as long as they are eating from them. If there are some large nests it can take a few days to a week.

  26. Terro liquid is the best for the little ants. Let them swarm it. That means it's working.

  27. Wait till you learn about the fate of billions of chickens humans raise annually...

  28. Chatted on the phone. With possibly the cutest man in the UK.

  29. For the price, this one looks like it's worth a shot

  30. The upper on the ASICS Novablast 3 gives me old school Nike Flyknit vibes, especially in the toe and mid foot lockdown.

  31. Thank you for these two. I've never run in Asics, maybe time to give them a shot.

  32. If you’re not a citizen of that country sometimes you have to pay higher amounts (unless you have insurance).

  33. I needed stitches from a German emergency room. The bill was €87

  34. I've been dealing with hamstring tendonitis since 2015. It heals after marathon, but comes back when amping up training. I practically hobbled myself doing a 150 mile Feb challenge. Literally knife in leg, hobbled when ran or walked. Gave myself 10 days and feel great.

  35. I couldn't help but read your username

  36. I see why war veterans don't like fireworks.

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